Injured Possum

Jenneyz9FL(z10FL)March 22, 2005

Driving home tonite I saw a possum in the middle of the road. I ended up making a uturn and parking in a nearby lot. Amazingly all the cars avoided the possum so I found a plastic bag in the trunk and picked em up and laid em down under a tree. What really surprised me was how lifelike e felt, quite healthy too, not very large and sure had a nice set of teeth. The eyes were open and seemed life like but not moving. Is paw seemed to find its' way into is mouth. I thought maybe, just maybe is playing possum and grabbed a box and some posters out of a dumpster to put im in. I picked im up in the poster paper and laid im gently in the box which was just the right size. There were other boxes in the dumpster but this one was a perfect fit. I carried im over to the trunk and put im in. Closing the trunk I worried e wouldn't ave enough air but took the chance rather than put im in the car and e wakes up an freaks out or something and I din't want to take a chance getting bit if e got scared waking up in a strange place. On the way ome I'm thinking, what to do, what to do, and when i got home put im in the big shed but it smelled too strong of paint an i didn't want him to pass out from it so i put im in the little shed so e wouldn't be out where a racoon or somethin could eat im. Then I did a search on google with words injured possum and found a few sites said get a wildlife rehabber or vet and don't try to cure im urself. So I found an old number on the rollodex that said wildlife rehabilitator and called it hopin for the best. Immediately a woman answered and i told her i found a little possum on the road with a gash in the side of is head but I thought e might be still alive. She said to bring im so I got directions and said i'd be there in 10 minutes as it was closeby. I found the place easily and pulled up in the driveway an got the box with the possum out of the trunk and brought it to her gate where she came and took it from me. I told her e seems to ave put is paw further into is mouth an i think e's playin possum. Then i noticed a deer an said that's a beautiful deer and that i never saw a deer before an she pointed to the other deer an said that one got hit by a car, something about missin a top or bottom lip an think i kinda saw it but it was dark out. i said aw that's too bad, thanked her and as she carried im away said i hope e's still alive an she said she'd give im a gander.

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John_D(USDA 8b WA)

What a good deed! I hope he makes it!

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skippy05(z7 PA)

Thank you for the nice story! That was really nice of you
to help out that little guy!!
I am sure he is going to be fine thanks to you!

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Thanks guys. I had mixed feelings about picking em up but i reasoned it out all the while and it just made good sense to help im even tho i was scared. I'm not sure if i should call to check on im as i don't take bad news too well about things like this and would like to believe he got saved.

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FurryCritterFan(5a WI)

Please call and let us know if he/she made it.
I made a trip to our local wildlife center on Wednesday. Talked to a fellow rehabber who cares for possums. She mentioned the two that still come to her yard (after release on her property), and one is blind. Volunteering at the center and working w/rehabbers causes one to be more considerate... I often wonder if the hit moms have youngens in their pouch. You are a kind soul to remove that downed possum from the roadway!

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Nancy_Ind_is_now_Ill(west central)

I'm so grateful you were compassionate enough to stop and help. So many people won't even stop for a dog or cat. I can understand your reluctance to hearing bad news, but the fact that he was still alive by the time you reached the rehabber sounds promising. Most rehabbers have vets they can contact for medical info so sounds like he is in very good hands. If he isn't able to be saved, at least he can be humanely euthanized rather than slowly dying in the roadway.
FurryCritterFan, yes many times the babies in the pouch are still alive and can be saved if mom is brought in right away. Handraising them is very difficult since they are still basically embryos for quite a while, but a dead mom doesn't necessarily mean the babies are dead also if found soon enough.

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skippy05(z7 PA)

I can relate, I hate to hear bad news too.
I get really upset over any hurt animal.
IF you do decide to call, let us know how he is doing!

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FurryCritterFan(5a WI)

NancyIndiIlly. You betcha, I will stop 'n' check for pouch babies if I see a hit possum. Side of road, or middle of road. [Hope they aren't playin' possum to see if FCF will get hit by vehicle?!?] We'll be attending a wildlife fundraiser banquet this Friday and I can chat w/the possum mom again. Transported (to wildlife center) four tiny orphaned opossums from a local humane society two years ago; they sure looked sweet and I marveled at their tiny hands.
Nanc, like your bio info, ... I garden for whatever is beneficial to wildlife. We are gardeners on the same wavelength! cantstop convinced me I need to start a compost pile too, this year, with all the fantastic fertilizer contributions onhand from my foster rabbits.

Jenny, what skippy wrote. Please Call and let us know if you can.

Some super hungry and desperate branch-eating herbivores pruned my eastern cotoneaster bushes purchased 1/2 price at KMart last fall. Was glad to see it sustained them ~ will simply be patient to see if the berries come back...

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