Aphids and Tomatoes

tangerine_z6(6)June 19, 2012

Two of my three potted tomato plants have aphids. I have used a strong spray of water to knock them off but notice them returning within 6 hours or so. Can I spray water enough times to get ahead of them and keep them off, or, is there another alternative?

Do sunflowers and zinnias host aphids? I have these in the direction of my water spray! Dislike aphids from my past experience with them!

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I squish them and they never come back. :) I do this daily when the tomato plants are small, but when they are overgrowing their cages with bountiful leaves, I'm less anal about keeping a daily aphid-smooshing routine. :)

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A weak solution of dish soap works but killing them by hand is what I do these days. I had a lot of aphids on my tomato when I transplanted them out so I killed as many as I could find by hand twice a week. Once the plants start to take off I no longer notice much aphids on there. I would suggest making sure your plants are as healthy and vigorous as possible because healthy tomato plants can easily outgrow limited amount of aphid damage.

I am more concerned about aphids if I see them on my rose bushes.

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The excess nitrogen your tomatoes are getting is more harmful than the aphids. Fix the fertilizer problem and the aphids will go away.

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