Crying sound

Jenneyz9FL(z10FL)April 11, 2005

Night before last I heard a crying sound and a raccoon squealing...thought it was a baby possum being attacked by a raccoon. I yelled "Stop it" as loud as I could out the window, grabbed a flashlight and ran outside to be a saviour again, but this time I was quite surprised to see the crying sound was coming from a couple of baby raccoons being chased by a large raccoon in the oak tree. I saw the large raccoon scampering along a branch. One baby ran back up the tree and another was clinging to the very end of a branch. They were both so very small that I wondered why they weren't with their mother. Someone told me today that the male raccoons eat the baby raccoons and I wondered if that was what was going on.

I was amazed that the baby possums' cry sounds just like the baby raccoons' cry. The crying sound was identical to that of the baby possum, which I had heard before and that time it also caused me to run outside with the flashlight, shouting in order to save the possum and that time I saw 2 raccoons had chased the baby possum out to the end of a branch in the oak tree and both were jumping around on the ends of the branches trying to catch the poor thing.

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I was thinking back trying to remember if it was a baby possum that I had seen before when I heard the cry. I recollect seeing a baby possum at those times but it's possible there could have been baby raccoons around too and maybe they were making the sound as I am having trouble believing that baby raccoons and possums can sound exactly the same. I guess a wildlife rehabber would know for sure.

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