Weed ID please? (pictures incl.)

spup345May 1, 2007

What a strange little weed, it's just a single leaf, never seen anything like it.

These are growing in the mulch at the base of my oak tree clump in the middle of my lawn. They are strange single leaves growing off a long root strand, I assume they are all interconnected deep underground somehow, somewhere, but when I try to dig deep, I inevitably cut the root strand and can't see how far down it goes. I'll probably just use a small paintbrush and some herbicide on each leaf....but any clue what it is?






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chazparas(USDA zone 9 , San Jose, CA)

They look like very young dog-tooth violet to me. I tried for years to get them to grow!!!! No luck with'em here.

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Wow, you mean an invader that I may actually want to keep! Cool, I'll leave them alone the rest of this season and see what happens. I wonder if the previous owner planted them around the base of the tree to make things look nice there, you could be right.

Unless someone things it's something else... The majority are growing in the mulch at the base of the tree, some are growing in the lawn area surrounding the tree (they seem to be growing outwards in lines extending from the centerpoint at the tree).

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They can take quite a while to bloom. I've been watching over some in my yard, that came from I don't know where, for about six years now. The patch keeps getting bigger, but still no flowers.

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