Weed (I think) ID needed; half-assed drawing inside

mmqchdygg(Z5NH)May 8, 2007

So I have THIS blueish, fuzzy, prickly, grows-in-a-clump-habit THING growing in my yard. Sorry for the make-shift pic; I keep meaning to take a real one, but forget, so here's my drawing.

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chazparas(USDA zone 9 , San Jose, CA)

Probably a thistle of somekind. Not a bad drawing if that's what it is!

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Thanks! I'll try to get a pic of it soon so I can get a definite ID...if it's a 'good' thistle, it can stay for the butterflies, otherwise, it's compost fodder.

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That is SO funny! I have never seen anyone draw their plant!! I was ROFLMAO! But... trust me... I wasn't laughing at your artwork... just the presence of it :-)

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Judy_B_ON(Ontario 5B)

Don't know if there are any "good" thistles. Most are non native weeds and will spread via seeds and rhizomes to cover your entire yard.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thistles

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Good thistle = articoke sp

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I believe this is what my hubby called a "bull" thistle. I had them last year in a patch along the road. I got my Roundup out fast and got rid of the dang stuff.

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