elm seeds.... EVERYWHERE!

sjboyle(z5 Colo)May 9, 2006

Ugh... these things are everywhere... definitely in places where they can germninate and places I do not want them to germinate! What can I do?

I was considering getting out the shop vac. Once they do sprout, they are so stemmy that they're difficult to pull. So many of them too!

Can I simply spray them with something?

I've lived here almost 10years (old Denver neighborhood) and I've never seen them do this like they have the last couple years. I wonder if my neighbor stopped spraying them and if this is the cause.

Thanks for your input.


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We have an elm tree in our front yard. I used to mulch heavily so I had very little problem with seedlings, but now that groundcovers have taken over, I am not mulching that much anymore. Starting a couple years ago, I pull some everytime I go out in the spring. The seedlings which have true leaves are extremely easy to pull after it has rained. Weeding like this also allows me to take a closer look as to how the garden is doing.

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