Is environmentally friendly weed killer an oxymoron?

zaphod42May 1, 2010

I'm getting my butt kicked by weeds. I don't normally like to use chemicals if at all possible, but I really have to do something. Last year I had a environmentally friendly weed killer that was orange oil and clove smelling, but it only worked moderately well. I read the post about Round-up but am a little hesitant to go that route. Any recommendations for earth friendlier products that pack a punch? I'm amping up on the mulch and looking into groundcovers, but in the mean time...HELP!

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hortster(6a, southcentral KS)

Packs a punch? Depends on the weed. Vinegar sprays and a torch can do some good, but many times the root lives and the weed returns. Glyphosate won't get all of them, either, but gets a lot non-selectively.

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The simplest answer is YES. Nothing meant to kill something can do so without some harm to your environment, at best some might do so with less harm than others. Even digging a "weed" (a plant you do not want growing where you do not want it) disturbs the soil which then needs some time to heal.

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