Thorny weed ID

kenzie78May 3, 2010

I've recently discovered that I have this thorny weed growing all over my front yard. The children cannot walk across it even with flip flops on or that get poked. I'm wondering if it is something I can get rid of easily or if it will be an expensive and long process to get them out of my yard. We live on a military base, so I don't want to put a huge amount of money into a yard that I don't own and will only be here for maybe another year. Thanks in advance for looking.

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texasflip(Nacogdoches, TX z8)

Probably Soliva pterosperma.

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Could be spurweed. Need to see a closeup of it left on the ground. If it is spurweed you have to treat it in the winter. That is when it grows and it will start dieing off when the temp reaches 90 and above. But you are left with all the spurs and they do hurt. I have resorted to getting a small propane torch to burn off what I can see. They say it can take 2 yrs to get all the seeds gone. But a lawn mower that has a bagger will help suck up some of them.

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Thank you both for your responses. I googled Solvia pterosperma/spurweed and that is exactly what it is that is growing in my front lawn. Since posting I've noticed that they have all turned brown and are very noticeable on the lawn now. Walking across the lawn and then to concrete makes your shoes sound like they tap from all the tiny thorns stuck on the underside. We have already had 90 and above temps, so I can only hope they'll go away soon. I keep finding them stuck on my 8mth old's diaper from the kids dragging them in the house on their shoes. What a pest of a weed. Thanks again for looking and the identification.

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