UPDATE: 8900 Traveling Daylilies! Happy Fall!

mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)October 6, 2006

This round robin is an extention of a wonderful group of talented , generous and spirited traders, the Traveling Daylilies, who when at all possible trade daylilies. The way into this group is to have traded with at least one of us and to be recommended for membership by one of more members of the group. We are not snobs, we just want to protect each other and you from any game traders... should there be any. If you know any of us, email privately and they will be allowed to get you in on their recommendation. We'd love to have you!

What a great Fall season we are having! With the return of a few gals that are dear to us...Susan, Sharon, Gay, & Annie........and our newest pal Bambi....things couldn't be much sweeter. : )

We are currently working on our 9000th Post Swap....reminder: Packages must be mailed out by Monday, October 9th unless you make other arrangements with your partner.

And don't forget....I will start the *9000* thread and the first person that posts after me gets a little goodie from me.

Paul is organizing a "Secret Santa" swap and i'm sure we are all looking forward to that!

A few people are still receiving packages from Deni's fun Fall Friendship swap. Lots of great packages everyone!

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Hi everyone!
Would you like to see our sweet little peanut???

Here is the first photograph of Baby Schoedel.....

Lololol! I can hardly believe it! I never thought we'd be able to see that much already. See the little arms & legs???
Everything went great and looks good. We got to see the tiny heart beating (160)....that was just amazing. It was so fun to watch my DH's face. When he first saw the baby his eye's lit up like i've never seen them before. It was a moment i'll never forget. Wow!

My new baby neice Brooklyn had a check up yesterday and she weighs 10lbs. 12ozs. already. : ) She's a good eater.

Hi Annie!! How great to see you back in action. We've missed you. I've had something here for you since last Summer just waiting for you to reappear so I could send it. : ) Welcome back! And no, you don't need to sign up again. We will just need you to email us all your current info. such as address, birthdate, & email address so we can get you updated on the master list.

Good news.....i'm officially retired! LOL! My boss at the golfcourse felt sorry for me I think....he knows how sick i've been and told me that I didn't need to be getting up so early and he went ahead and laid me off like a month and a half ahead of schedule. Yay! It was really nice of him to do that. Although I will miss going there everyday, I am glad to be home in the mornings. Wow, it was only like 6 months ago I was working 3 jobs and so swamped and tired. I will continue to work as Administrator for DH and that is done right from home so I am pretty happy right now. Broke, but happy. : )

Well, i've got bunches more to gab about but I need to lay back down for a while. I hope I perk up a little later so I can get something done.

Happy Friday!

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Bambi, glad you liked the pic. : ) Yes, it is a Stout (1951) and it get's super tall. They say 4'-6' and i'm sure mine has been at least 6'. It towered over me this year but I never got the chance to get out and measure it. I missed alot in my gardens this year. It's very late and is one of my last to bloom. I just love it.

Shirley, those recent shootings out in Lancaster Co. are just too terrible for me to think about and I have to keep changing the channel on the TV. It is so sad and I can't bear to think of what the families must be feeling. We're not too far away......maybe like 200 miles or so I think. We spent our honeymoon in Lancaster and it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The people there are very hard working and just beyond friendly and gracious. The victim's families have already forgiven the gunman and have welcomed his family to come grieve with them. They have a very strong faith in God. I am praying that the remaining wounded girls will be okay.

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Hi All,

wonderful picture,
looks just like her mama! (smiles)

I stayed home from work yesterday, DD woke us up at 5:45AM, she was in labor, and had "show", she was in labor all day, we timed the contractions,everything moving along, then around 7:30 last night, everything stopped.
What a bummer that was. We were all set to get our hands on the little darlin', and "nothing" DANG!! So, she talked to her doc today, and she told her that is ok, it happens. She could go tonight, or tomorrow, or not at all. But, she is moving in the right direction, everything points to "soon".

So, meanwhile we continue to work on baby things. I finished the changing pad I designed. I have a pic, I will post it later on. Made a mattress, bumper and 2 tiny sheets for the antique bassinet we have. Working on a bunny hooded towel and bath mitt, and one of those fabric baby slings.

Yay, Annie is back.
This is soooooooooo coooool.
Sherri, Sharon, Susan, Gay and Annie. Yay!! So glad to have the gang all back together.Now all we need is to get dear Anita back on, and we are good to go.

Dawn,Debbie,Shirley, Cindy, Gloria, Marea, and everyone,
Maybe if we all write a letter to ivillage about her. What do you all think?

Well, be back later on to post that pic, and some of my flowers that are still bravely blooming.


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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

Oh Dawn! Look at that little rascal! Peanut is a good nickname for now, isn't it? DD called hers Ant. Still does now and then. Our little one is tiny, just 17 lbs at 15 mos. 2 of my daughters were little wee babies, but aren't especially small adults. What fun you are going to have Dawn! Take it easy.

The autumn sun is making colored light splashes and flickers all over me and Luther as we lie here close to this south window. With the woods turned every color, I don't even look down at the gardens much this time of year. All the new daylilies look good, even the ones the raccoons dug up over and over.

The inventory of all of Mark's things for probate is wearying. Today I am inventorying comic books, knives and watches. Tonight I'll work on the most valuable sports cards so that our appraiser can decide whether they need to be graded. Any baseball card collectors here? We'll be selling these shortly.

DH got the flu stuff DD and family all were getting. So far I'm fine. He has been knocked flat by this one! He's finally getting better.

Today our birds are home! They were staying with a neighbor while we were on vacation, and DH has been too sick to go get them. Their happy little chatter is good to have around.

Jean, I'm going to grow the 'Dorothy Benedict' babies on into next year before I ship you yours. They have been quite variable. Why should they be if they were sold as 'DB'? Don't Hosta named seeds grow a standardized plant?

And HELP! Oh daylily experts! We have a blooming, 2 part proliferation! Regular size big buds ready to bloom, with leaves too, and part way down the stem, another set of leaves with a weasely mini-bud. Good grief! That's just weird looking! What should I do with it? And it's Oct. no less!

Anybody here have an interest in native wildflowers? I have a number of interesting ones this fall.

Poor brugs. They are looking fat and fine, but it is too late. The GA Peach's will just have to be cut down without blooming at all this year. Meanwhile good old Frosty Pink has 4 more desperate but game buds out in the cold and wind, which will be his 4th bloom period this year! Gotta love the old dependables.

Squawk, chirp, honk! The birds are all excited to be in their window again! It is soooo good to be home.

And last but not least, Happy happy happy happy happy BIRTHDAY BAMBI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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marybz5ny(zone5 NY)

Hi All,
OH DAWN!!!! I know words just cannot express how you are feeling right now after your first ultrasound. I remember my first and the feeling of it being confirmed that this little being was growing inside of me. It is soooo amazing to see the little heart beating. I have the most awesome book I will have to find and send to you. It gives you a week by week description of what is developing with your baby's body. It is so cool to follow it every week and think about the different growth and development stages your baby is going through at that time. Glad you have "retired" for the year and can rest whenever the mood strikes you. Thanks again for all of the house construction pictures! Oh, and the list Sherri was talking about is the member list. In my last post, I said that I would email you and let you know that Sherri is also back with us and needs to be added back on to member list. Looks like Deni is doing the list so I will email her.

Annie, MY ANNIE, It was such a pleasant surprise to see you post!!!!! Was so happy to hear that Shelby had yet another good check up. Can't wait till the 20th and you can be back with us full time. LOVE YOU!

Jo, how anxious you all must be getting for that little one to arrive. Will be happy times at your house soon. Glad you are feeling better too. Did you put on your warm jammies tonight? Down in the 30's with a chance of frost for us. Imagine you're getting the same.

Barb, I just love your posts. I can close my eyes and see myself sitting in the sunight with you and Luther gazing out at all the wonderful autumn beauty that surrounds your house, happy bird chatter all around. You just always have a way with words. To answer your hosta question - Hostas do not grow true from seed. What you have is considered a Dorothy Benedict seedling - not a Dorothy Benedict. Yours is a cross between Dorothy Benedict and what ever it was pollinated with. The only way to get a true Dorothy Benedict is by root division or tissue culture. What fun the seedlings will be though - you may come up with something even better than Dorothy Benedict! As far as your daylily question - no clue - I cannot even picture what you are describing. If it's a prolif, I don't think it should have buds in any way. Hmmm, think we need Cindy or Canna for this one... (Like 'Peanut' for Dawn's wee one)

Shirley and Dianne, love the pictures of your handsome guys! They sure are growing up fast!

Bambi, Happy belated birthday wishes for you. Hope you have a great time out with your friend tomorrow night. No worries about missing my post. Got your email. Would probably be good for me to wait for Spring to trade. It's getting pretty chilly here and I still have planting to do so should probably not add to my work load at this point! Would love to talk over winter and get a tentative trade in progress.

Did my walk for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society tonight in memory of my son's friend Ryan. There was a really nice...

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onesherri(z5 OH)

Hi Annie, I was just wondering about you the other day. I got done taking a test that I aced and was yipping yaying and thought oh life is good. Immediately your name just popped into my mind.:) Glad to see you back.

Mary, I keep getting sidetracked and wanted to make a donation, am I to late?

Barb, that is a prolif that you have blooming. You can try to cut it off and plant it but it is getting kinda late. On the other hand, I planted one off of peacock maiden last week and it is growing so what do you have to lose.:)

Shirley, I only have a couple of doubles that you don't have but think they have caught my fancy this year because they are what is still left blooming and the ones that I have are all rebloomers and late. When I went to look at your list I was surprised to see that hostas were your first love. Expected it to say iris.:)

Dawn, that first ultrasound is so exciting. Makes it so real to actually see the baby. I can still remember mine like it was yesterday, course it was quite hilarious too.:) If by chance you have a boy in there, you will know what I mean.:) I don't recall you telling us how far long you are??? Inquiring minds need to know.:)

Cindy, come out, come out wherever you are. I miss ya.

Bambi, so sorry I missed your birthday. Hope it was a good one.:)

Jo, good wishes that the baby gets a move on and joins you today. Sherri

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

i play in a charity soccer game today against local law inforcement. all the money raised goes to help abused and abandonded (sp) children. so far i raised just over 300.00 in donations. hopefully we can kick the 5-0's butts. i'll let everyone know the scores later.

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Hi Everyone,


She is doing good. Still having mild contractions,(some sre braxton hicks) and other symptoms, but not in full labor. So, it is "hurry up and wait".

Here is the pic of the changing pad I made for her changing table.

I got my wonderful box from Bambi,

*The cutest little plaque, looks like a seed packet of foxgloves with a little wire hanger, too cute.
*dwarf iris -tiffany glass
*dwarf iris-abyss
*dwarf iris-canary jewel
*daylily Tennesee flycatcher-YIPPEEEEEEEE!!!
*daylily aquamarine (just happens to be my birthstone,smiles)
*peony early scout-AWESOME!!!
*hyacinth bulbs-amethyst-LOVE hyacinths
*and last but certainly not least, the most beautiful necklace and earring set that she made herself from glass beads, they are gorgeous, I love the colors Bambi, how did you ever guess they are my favs? (lavenders, blues and purples)

Your box will be late, but I hope you will consider it worth the wait once you get it. I have to finish something for you, and I got behind with DD going in and out of labor. =) Hope your soccer game went great and you beat the pants off 'em.

Here are a few pics of my still bravely blooming plants. (no frost here yet,thank goodness)


Sunflowers(just a portion of them, planted over 30 kinds for my grandkids)

My passiflora(she is FULL of buds)

Well, off to watch my program with DH.
hugs to all

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

we beat them pretty badly!! the score was 9-11, we actually scored three goals and they got two, the rest was based on the donations we raised. i raised 350.00 and the total for the game was over 2500, so that was fantastic.

jo take your time with the box. i've been working on mareas for a while and just can't seem to find anything that screams her. hopefully she likes what i've picked out.

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Jo-Love the changing pad. You do good work. Love all your flowers especially the dahlia.

Cody-Way to go.

Sherri-You would think irises were first but actually I started with hostas first. Save me those doubles. Alot of my doubles are still blooming also. Dread to see the first frost.


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Hooray Dawn!! Baby's first photo! You are floating on a cloud now I am sure. I am just grinning here being glad for you & your new daddy DH.

Annie! i'm happy to hear from you, too!

Oh, JO - those sunflowers are gorgeous! I love those things & have them all over as shades plants for my semps. Hope you are saving seed, especially from that purple one.
Your passiflora is doing so well for NY - wow! I hope to find a green thumb someday, but...HEY your changing pad is FAB! I've seen them at baby showers here, but they were store bought & $40, like the Witsy stuff, right? Did you roll the pad or stuff it?

Cody - CONGRATULATIONS to you & your team on that win - awesome job!
I just loved every plant you have sent me ('Matt' especially turned out a huge display of flowers in it's pot & turned into a keeper) they are all thriving!

Mary Ellen, i need to report I'm very bad & am late on my 9000 box - will mail your 9 things to you on Tuesday the 10th. Do hope you find it worth the wait...

Happy Monday, marea

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

NOTICE: 9000th Post Swap deadline change......

Hi everyone!
When I made up the rules for the swap I didn't realize that today was a holiday. So I have changed the date that boxes need to be shipped......how about we make the new deadline this Thursday, the 12th.

Sorry for any confusion. I looked right at my calendar when deciding on the date and for some reason I forgot the PO's were closed on Columbus Day.

If you and your partner have made other arrangements, that is just fine too. : )

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

PS: I've got lots to say but am kinda' sick at the moment. Will be back asap. : )

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Dawn-Thanks for sharing the very first photo of Baby Schoedel. How exciting all this is. Hope you are feeling better. Take care sweetie.


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Dawn looks like one happy little peanut. Jo lovely sunflowers and changing table pad, my one sunflower is 15 ft tall lots of blooms but no flowers yet, don't know the variety someone sent it to me marked perennial sunflower, got a delphinum blooming today confused fellow. Mary B your box should be there but your card is on my desk sorry. hugs carol

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No one has posted at all today..... Where is everyone?
Has anyone heard from Jaye? She used to post regularly.

MaryS-Your box went out today. Hope you can use what I sent. It was hard just having your name recently plus I know winter is approaching fast there. It's actually not to far behind here.


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blacktulip_wi(z4 WI)

Jo - You're welcome ten times! Glad you liked your box. Early Scout is the greatest little peony...along with the yellow hybrid Nova, it was the first of my peonies to bloom in the spring. Foliage is cut-leaf and the red single flowers are in perfect proportion to the small sized plant. I wasn't sure if you would care for the necklace & earrings..everyone's taste in jewelry is so different. That was one of the more delicate and tasteful pieces I've made in awhile...lately my beaded jewelry has become quite gaudy and even more brightly colored. And I just love making long dangling earrings!

The sunflowers are gorgeous!


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Sharon is offering Daylily Seeds to the First 5 People to post here.

I don't have as much variety as last year. Mostly they are with Jamaican Me Happy as a parent.

I'm only offering 5 packages so each person gets a decent amount of seeds ... my guess is 15 to 20 seeds each.


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marybz5ny(zone5 NY)

Hi everyone,
Here I am my first day off in awhile and it's rainy and cold outside so I'm trying to catch up with some housecleaning and emails.

Sharon, I would love to have some of your seeds! I missed out on getting some last year from you and was kicking myself in the Spring when everyone was commenting on growing them. Ended up with some seeds from CindyO which I grew this year and the seedlings are planted out in the garden now and growing strong. Have high hopes for every single one to be breathtakingly beautiful! Cindy kind of got me hooked on the whole hybridizing and seed starting. Would love to try some of yours!

Okay, well, I came by here to say hi to all and to let you know that I received my 9000 box from Carol yesterday! Carol sent me a great box and I'm hoping to dodge the raindrops today and get things planted!

**White Japanese Iris
**Orange Crocosmia
**Orange Asiatic Lily Bulb (This is the size of an apple!)
**8 Mixed Tulip bulbs
**5 Narcissus bulbs 'Pink Charm'
**A pretty mosaic glass plate
**A cute 3 piece halloween kitchen towel/potholder set
**Halloween mug filled with candy
**A cat refrigerator magnet
**Mary Engelbreit notecards (love Mary Engelbreit)

Thanks so much Carol!

Dawn, getting yours packed up to mail today. Trying to dig a couple of more things when the rain is light. Was grateful for the extended deadline!
Hugs to all,

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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

Hi all!

Oh yay! Baby pictures! Isn't he cute? Yes, the baby will be a boy born, on May 10th. :) I remember seeing my DS ultrasound for the first time. Doug was in tears of joy...I was scared to death!


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Hi Everyone,

I am VERY happy with my jewelry. Like I told you, those are my fav colors, and pansies are one of my favorite flowers. So, IMHO, they are completely "perfect".

Would love some of your seeds. The ones I got from you last year, did so very well, and they are happy little campers. I can't wait to see them bloom. Some of the crosses you did are awesome.

Hi neighbor!!!! Not looking forward to the "S" word. Says we might get some of it in the higher elevations(that would be me)tomorrow night. I really am not ready to see snow yet. It isn't even Halloween.

I know what you mean. We used to "talk" up a storm, now it seems everyone is off doing something else. It used to be if you missed a day reading our posts you were wayyyyyyyyyyyy behind, now it only takes you a minute or 2 to catch up. I miss all those "newsy" posts.

WOW, 15ft sunflower. Awesome. Bet it is gorgeous.

I am so very sorry you are still feeling sick. You poor thing. Wish I had some "miracle" tip to help you. I know how bad it can be. DD had a few days that way, but not very many thank goodness. And I was very lucky, I had virtually NO morning sickness. Big hugs. Hope it passes quickly for you.

I am having to wrap netting over the heads. My birdies are having a feast. But, I do have a few of them covered so I can have more next year.
I stuffed it. I have a waterproof pad in the center, Witzy flannel on both sides, then I made the tube, stitched it to the pad, and stuffed the daylights out of it, so it is very firm so the baby can't roll over the top of it. It turned out so nice.
I also found one of those "boppies" at work. (it is a "C" shaped pillow, and are just one of the very best things for feeding your baby, and for when they start to sit)they usually run $20 or more. I got it for $10(had a 50% off coupon)And since i have way more fabric than i know what to do with, I had a really nice piece of fleece to cover it. Turned out great at half the price.

DH had his doc appt. yesterday. The bad news is, his cholesterol is still too high. They changed his meds for that. The good news is the inflammation is down, and that means his chances of having another heart attack any time soon are extremely slim.
The news I am unsure of is,
he has to see a specialist. He has significant damage to his heart, so his cardiologist feels he is a candidate for a difib implant. He says it will be like a life insurance policy for him. And I feel really good about that, but it just scares me that he has to go in for more surgery. We go on Tues. to see the specialist, then he will have to have dozens of tests, and then we will find out if he is a candidate. Please keep him in your prayers.

Thanks everyone,
big hugs to all.

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blacktulip_wi(z4 WI)

Evening everyone,

Sharon - I would love to have some of your seeds. Just googled Jamaican Me Happy...now that's a spectacular daylily. I've done some spider & UF crosses of my own...most of the seedlings were pretty boring but I finally had a few good ones this year. You must have some lovely seedlings.

MaryB - Spring trade sounds great! I have a feeling this is will be a long and dull winter...planning for spring is going to be one of the major forms of enterainment for the next 6 months. Did you want to trade daylilies?

Jo - Will keep you and your DH in my prayers. My sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year and is currently undergoing chemo. I know from her experience that keeping a positive and upbeat attitude is of vital importance. You both hang in there!!

It actually tried to snow a little bit here today. Temps dropped into the high 30s and we had strong winds that blew some of the white stuff around for awhile. No accumulation though and it's supposed be warm again in a day or two. So we're still in the midst of Indian Summer. :)

Everyone have a good night,

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Sharon - Me Me


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Whew had to hurry and get my name on the board for those seeds. Thanks Sharon, how sweet to share your seeds.

So glad to hear Anita's husbands good news. I know they are both so relieved. Jo will keep your DH in my prayers.


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onesherri(z5 OH)

Sharon, oh me too.:) Think I counted four ahead of me so hopefully I made it.:) Sherri

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Morning everyone!

I wanted to check in and remind you that today is the mailing deadline for the 9000th Post Swap boxes. Unless of course you made other arrangements with your partner.

Anita, mine is going out to you today. : )

I will have to catch up with you all later......my brick company just called and they are delivering the first load...36 cubes of brick in about an hour. I need to get a quick shower and head over there.

Still sick, but forging ahead, LOL.

Jo, you & DH are in my prayers as always. : )

I will chat with the rest of you a little later, and maybe have some brick pictures. ; )

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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I don't have your information on my TD list.
Could you please send me your address.
I will be sending out your daylily seeds as soon as I receive it.
I've sent you an email through GW, thought I would post here just in case it doesn't go through.

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

your box should go out on saturday. i had some plants i was going to send you, but it's been snowing for a couple of days now. have to find something else to put in there.

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I got my first daylily seeds from you, so if any left I would love some. Gloria, beautiful daughter, that couple will give you some gorgeous grandchildren, lucky you, my kids are done I have to wait for great grandchildren now. would just as soon wait awhile. Marea I think I may be chalenging you for pot gheto queen do you freeze? and if so how do you protect your pots ?dahlias are winding down. Mary I'm glad you liked your box, dh keeps sneaking veggies into my flower bed you should see the size of the beets, twice the size of the lilly. hugs to all carol

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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

Oh, Dawn! So precious. Don't you just wish you could bottle that feeling? I can't wait to become Babybirrd's Daylily Aunt Di.

The babies we have here are beyond adorable. Can't wait to add Babybirrd's picture to our gallery.

I've been praying and keeping my fingers crossed (it can't hurt) for our sick fellas out there. Good thing they've got the love and support of strong women to keep them going. Jo, the defib is not a big procedure and will save his life if needed. Write me if you have questions.

Weather here is chilly, but no snow in the forcast so far. I've cut a lot of the perennials down but can't bring myself to scalp the hostas yet.

I have to take a picture of the rock landscaping project my neighbor put on my side yard. I don't know where he gets his energy and creativity.

Talk soon, hugs and kisses to everyone. And some Ben Gay for Cody's muscles after the big game--Great Win!


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onesherri(z5 OH)

Good morning everyone. Brrrrrrrrrrr. I was not ready for these temps. Broke down and turned the heat on today.

Dawn, wish I could tell you that morning sickness will pass but unfortunately it may not. Good news is that if it is persistant after the first trimester there is a mylanta that you can take. Don't remember the exact one so you will have to ask doc but it helped. Have you tried the eating in bed before you rise yet???? It helps somewhat. Feel for you, hon.

Jo, I love your sunflowers. I keep saying every year that I am going to make a clubhouse for the kids but forget until it is to late to plant them. But I have some that come back on their own every year and they attract the birds like crazy.

Mary, Miss Cindy is definately an enabler.:) She got me hooked on hybridizing too. She has some awesome seedlings. I can't wait for her to start introducing some of them.

Lisa, glad to see you back on.

Cody, way to go.

Sharon, I sent you an e-mail. So excited.:) Sherri

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Hi everyone! Y'all will love Sharon's sdlgs I'm sure! I have two of her seedlings & even the one she told me to throw out is better than half the daylilies i have! Also bought some of her seeds on the LA last week: Victorian Lace x Wren's Song (I've got a dozen Vic. Lace sdlgs already but with different pollen parents - this one may be the best!) and Century House x All About You!! (drooling again...)

Cody - SNOW!!?? I'm sorry. Thanks for heads up about your box - of course I'll let you know when it arrives & am sure I'll be delighted with whatever you send.
Yahoo news says western New York got 2 feet of snow last night! So far the Frosts here have only touched my hibiscus & 2 hostas (my brug & plumeria have been spending the nights inside with me for a week) but now i know time is short...

Carol, yes it freezes solid here often, even gets up to 2 feet of snow, but my potted daylilies have poked up their fans in Feb & March like nothing happened, haven't lost one yet these past 3 winters I've had them. I have them clustered together and my yard is sheltered by a low solid wood fence that keeps the worst of the winds off 'em, but those pots freeze solid & thaw repeatedly throughout the Winter without damaging the daylilies...

Dianne - HI dearheart!! I am with you on scalping hostas - i LIKE 'em even yellow or white & translucent! *grin*

Mammabirrd, do you need me to send you some saltines to eat in bed? So many women swear by that, i hope you've tried it. I want to picture you glowing and giddy with joy - not green & giddy with morning sickness! Surely this too will pass, heck in what will seem like a few weeks we'll all be begging you to put down that baby & come post! ((hug)) ~ marea

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namso(Z5 OH)

Just a minute to check in.

Dawn - aaaww.....:). im betting girl too :). big hugs and happiness to you.

Jo- hows DD? any baby news yet? keeping DH in prayers as well. keep us updated.

Sherri and MaryB - obviously i lied :)> . most seedlings are ugly. culled 80/100 of my first this year with no problem at all. thats what makes the pretties so much fun.
this is true except for Sharons. everyone she's posted is truly lovely. so are mareas.

Sharon, are you still on la? big grin but cant remember your screen name there. the main i have picked up so far were some with EYES RIGHT JONES. bought only 1...but got a bonus. needed that one bad :).

Marea...got my eye on that grace stamile....Patch of Blue? oh i have lots of space for little ones and really like it.

Still working. almost done. hopefully some time to catchup more soon. Im the only one who cant keep up. :)

Hi Shirley!
Double Image


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OHHHHHH Cindy you have my full attention..Really like that green throat. Put my name on that one for next year.

I'm so sleepy tonight, waiting up on my precious GD Brittney. She is spending the week-end with me. Her parents went camping and she did not want to go. They picked a cold week-end to go its already down to 37 degrees.

I got my 9000 swap box from Anita and oh my gosh what a box.

Iris (Berlin Tiger)
OP Lily (Shocking)
Daylily (Francois Verhaert)----Love this one
Two Irises (I picked out these from her pictures)
Daylily (Steve Trimmer)----Love this one
Gone Gardening Plaque---so cute
Dream Catcher---I've always wanted one of these, better hide it before Brittney gets home.
Halloween candy---To satisfy my sweet tooth, yummmy
Grippers -To open tight fitting lids....Thanks
And Two Precious Moments Figurines....These are so cute, One is a little girl holding a basket of rabbits and the other is a little boy holding an armful of baby sheep.
Anita thank you so much for my wonderful box of goodies.
I will send this to you in an e-mail since you can't get on here. Miss you terribly...Wish you and Deni could get back to posting soon.

Gloria-Loved all the wedding pictures...You were right one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen. I know you are proud of her. Thanks for sharing.


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onesherri(z5 OH)

HI Cindy, glad you had a moment. Miss you.:)

Mary, her seedlings are NOT ugly, she is a very particular breeder and throws them darn things out. I can't wait for her to start registering them. If it has her name on it, it will be spectacular. No junk coming from that line of plants.

I just found out that my little brother and his girlfriend are going to have a baby, I am so excited. Starting to wonder if it is the water. Lots of new baby talk everywhere.:) Sherri

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Hi Gals and Guys,
This will be kind of a long note. I have the time now to catch up on all your news. Big Smiles!

The snow started on Thursday, the day we always cut my Dads grass. Dad said we still had to cut it ... my poor son, out there cutting the grass in a blizzard!

We will be going to another band competition today for DD. She says they keep warm with all the marching and long underware. LOL

Last weekend, hubby and I went up to the cottage to see the forests and do a few things for the winter. Had a wonderful time! Fantastic weather, peak Fall color, Watched the Tigers beat the Yankee's twice (sorry all you Yankee fans).

Dawn, Love the ultrasound picture! They are so much clearer now, it's amazing! I guess at some point you will be getting a video too. I like Dianne's nickname for ... Baby Biird. I worked with a woman whose last name was 'Bird', and that is what we called her daughter for years .

Jo, no baby yet! Anticipation is making you wait ... keeping you waiting ...
My Mom had a pacemaker put in when she was 100 lbs and 5'7" and pretty sick. The operation was a breeze and it did her wonders. It was a godsend. I know it will go well with your hubby too.

Barb, glad you are home with the birds. Sounds very pretty at your home.

Marea, Now that you have Victorian Lace, you can make all the seeds you want!! I hope everything is still going well with the move. I was thinking of the Halloween boxes from last year. I've dug out quite a bit of my decorations and the front of the house is looking pretty scary. I hope the little kids will come up to the door. Cackle!

Cody, Congrats on the game and Wow! lots of money for a good charity.

Bambi, you will have to show us some of your jewelry.

Carol, sorry, but the seed are all gone. :o(
Remind me next year ... I will happily make some crosses for you.
I had to chuckle ... We have 2 Pot Ghetto Queens ... Carol and Marea!

Sherri, hubby turned on our furnace last night ... he said it was just to check if the furnace was working. LOL It is still on this morning and I'm not complaining! I guess I lost the bet at work (to try and wait till November before turning on the furnace).

Will this be the first time you are an Aunt? And keep that water away from my house!!!!

We even turned up the heat in the hot tub last night and DD was in it w/in the hour. Then this morning at 8 am my son (who never gets up b/f 11am on a weekend), came down the stairs in his bathing suit, headed for the hot tub b/f eating breakfast.

Cindy, my LA name is Gardeenfriend (don't ask about the silly handle). I only put a couple auctions up for bid ... takes time to do all that. I held some seeds back to give as bonus's to the buyers and to offer some to this group. I was thinking of trying to get the money to buy a new 2007 introduction, but now I'm thinking I just might sit out a year and try not to buy anything new untill I have more...

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namso(Z5 OH)

more checkin :). took the day off....needed it. & its too cold for me outside. Those with Snow...im feeling for you.

Paul - sent you an email too, but i'd like to be in. :) Sounds like tons of fun.

G- your daughter is the most beautiful bride!

Barb - i have only one daylily that prolifs always blooms. Midnight Oil. it is really dark, almost black. pretty darn scary looking if you ask me lol. but i leave them on for the novelty. :). oh and would love to see your wildflowers.

Sherri- many grats to your brother.! i thankyou for the compliment, but we just have to get you out to other places more :). i missed you too. send a long and otherwise boring email.

Shirley - Double Image was my favorite double last year. you my double friend, will get the first cut. this year it was the new purchase Pink Embrodiary on a late scape. i hope you like that one as much as i do too. :).
btw...if your Spotted Fever Trader is from OH and a double fan, we have traded/co-oped/met up on and off for several years now. very nice lady :).

MaryB- i forgot all about sending you donation for your walk. im so sorry. glad to hear you made it through that storm. may your temps rise soon!

Cody, that was a really nice thing for you to do.

Sharon - drat, just love your taste. i will have to pay more attention next year. oh and i picked up Jamacian Me Happy just on your recommendation too. cant wait to see.
Maybe she will make me some seeds of my own. :) i hope you took some pics of your seedlings this year too....
also, i got tears in my eyes on your DS mowing in the snow on Thus....my FIL mowing day was wed. hugs.

Bambi - oh my, small peonies? they come small? are they still fragrant? i love the few peonies i have.

Annie, Lisa, Canna, Dianne - great to see you posting :).

Active Mood

Electric Marmelade Magic


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We're going ahead with the Secret Santa Swap for December. So far I have the following people signed up. Last call for the rest of you :-). I'll email everyone about who to send to on 10/21.

Mary S
Mary B

Great turnout! Thanks,

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mellen(4a/5-ctrl. IA)

Good evening all, I received a wonderful 9000 swap box from Marea S from the West Coast. This is what she sent:

-viola labradorica
-viola-dancing geisha--both are very pretty
-plant spike angel
-beautiful sparkly blue and white angel
-delicious almond cookies from Italy-yummy with coffee
-a darling little carved horse-love it
-oatmeal? soap
-hand towel with a turky on it
-candle-sage scent
-candle-clove scent
-candle-linen scent-these candles smell out of this world

Marea, thank you very, so very much for all of the wonderful and thoughtful things that you sent. Mary Ellen

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blacktulip_wi(z4 WI)

Evening everyone,

Just got back from spending the weekend at my sister's over in St. Paul. She has to go through one more chemo treatment on Tuesday and then they'll take a look and see if she needs more. So far her cat scans have been good...we are all praying for remission.

I've been giving it alot of thought but I'm afraid I can't participate in the Secret Santa Swap. I always have a little extra money in the spring & summer but things start getting pretty lean here by fall - too many bills & one very small paycheck. It's going to cost me $525 to take the rest of the tree down and I don't know where the money is going to come from...I certainly don't have any. I guess I'll have to hit the road this week and see if I can find a part-time job for the winter to try to pay it off. Please forgive all my whining...it's just that I truly hate being poor! :(

Sharon - Thank you a thousand times for the wonderful seed packets!! They really lifted my spirits when I came home and found them in the mail box. You certainly made some great crosses...they should produce beautiful flowers. And I would love to show everyone my jewelry but I don't have a scanner.

Cindy - You always have such gorgeous daylily images...especially like Electric Marmelade Magic...will have to look that one up as it's new to me. And in answer to your question, the small hybrid peonies have only one fault - they lack fragrance. They're super cute though.

Everyone have a good & peaceful night,

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Bambi-Thank God it is the last chemo treatment for your sister. I pray for remission for her also. Is there not a sawmill close by that would want the tree for lumber? I know here sawmill's and people who burn wood would love to have your fallen tree. They will come and clean up and haul it off for you to get the wood or lumber. Does you local radio station have a call-in program to get your deal on the air? We have lots of resources here that people do these things. Also men from local churches will help. Call a few churches and ask for help. You will be surprised who might be willing to help someone in need. Hope one of these ideas help on your situation.

Cindy-More gorgeous daylilies. Thanks for sharing. You will have to keep us from getting bored this Winter by posting your daylily pictures.

Sharon-Your Dad sounds like my Dad. That is something he would do.

I forgot the most beautiful glass daylily from the box that Anita sent me. The minute I took it out of the box I was placing it on the end of my coffee table which is glass to see how it looked. Oh it was the perfect place for it so I left it there and forgot to post that she had sent it.
Here it is, is it not gorgeous?


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Hi to everyone!

I finished a long post about an hour ago and now it is gone. I am not sure where it went.Oh well here goes try #2:

I came home from being gone a few days to find everything was dead/frozen (it got down to 23 degrees Wednesday night!) Good thing I had brought everything that was tender in before I left. That pretty much took care of everything else that was hanging on! My poor little toad lily had 1 pretty little bloom before it was froze this year. Time to get everything cut down for winter. MaryB...I am like you...just hate to cut those hostas down as long as they are green!

Shirley, I got your package! DH had brought it in yesterday! I hope to get everything planted tomorrow. It is not supposed to be so cold now for a few days. THANK YOU for everything! At least I will have a few things that did not freeze!!!!!

Here is what she sent in the 9000 package!
Daylilies, Spacecoast Bold Scheme and Autumn Minaret, LA Iris, Black Gamecock and Anne Chowning, Sparkling Burgandy Pineapple Lily, Narcissus Bulbs, Crocosmia Meteore
AND if that was not enough, she sent a cute Halloween Birdhouse and a wood fall basket.

Gloria....Your DD was a beautiful bride!

Dawn Sorry to hear you have been having so much trouble with morning sickness, especially when you are in the middle of this building project!

I am sorry for those of you that got alot of the "white stuff". I just had flurries here on Wednesday. Enough of that for awhile!

Well I will write more later


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Hi Everyone,

Just stopped by to say a quick hi before i leave for work. And I saw Bambi's post.

I know exactly what you are going through. We are very short on money as well. BUT, I am long on STUFF (grins) I am a collector of "great bargains"(all beauitiful things gone on sale), I have totes and totes of things. SO, with all that said,
I will be happy to send out a SECRET SANTA BOX for you to whoever your partner might be, that way you can still participate. I can't help you with your tree, but I can at least do this for you. MaryB (sweetie that she is)did it for me, so this is a "pay it forward" kind of thing, I am in a position to do this, and would love to help. Please say yes.Big, warm hugs.

Wow, great 9000 boxes.

I need to hurry,have a great day all,
hugs to all,

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Jo, Nice thought but what part of SECRET did you not understand??? LOL. Just kidding. Someone has already volunteered for this task and will take care of Bambi. Y'all will have to guess who the secret person is...

Isn't this group great?


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blacktulip_wi(z4 WI)

Evening everyone,

Shirley - Thank you so much for your concern. I talked with my sister earlier today and she is eager to get this last chemo over with...then we'll have to see how things go.

Unfortunately, that rotten tree is a boxelder...worthless as lumber and when burned stinks so badly that nobody wants it in their wood-burning stove. My neighbors would gladly cut it down for me if they could but it's strictly a job for a professional tree service. Should the rest of it come down in the next storm, it will cross both lanes of the highway and more than likely end up killing someone. Considering the size of this thing, $525 is actually pretty reasonable.

Jo - Your offer to send out a Secret Santa Box for me is truly sweet and generous!! Would it be alright if I accept? I would love to participate in the Santa Swap!! I will more than make it up to you in the spring, so start drawing up a list of daylilies you would like from me. :) Big, warm hug back!


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Two great things happened yestereday!

1. I managed to get 2 tickets to the WORLD SERIES! I was on line exactly at 10am and couldn't believe I got them. Hubby and his friends at work were all doing the same thing, but none of them got any tickets.
You all know the TIGERS are going to the World Series right?

2. I found a prolif on Head Turner - hurray!

Cindy, I had posted a few pictures of my seedlings for this year earlier, but will happily post them again. :o)

This one I liked b/c of it's size and the points.

I know they aren't very special, but were the best of the ones that bloomed. :ol

Bambie, I'm wishing the best for your sister.
I hope the seeds turn out. My hubby thinks I'm crazy making all those seeds and then just giving them away. But you know, it is just a part of my summer Gardening now. I love to go out and make the crosses, it is Not work.

Shirley, love the glass DL from Anita.

Mary S., sounds so cold there. I know it will be here soon, but I hope we have Fall for a little while longer.

Some nice boxes being sent. I can't wait to find out who is my partener so I can start buying.


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Ah, but Paul.
No one would know. You are going to send out the partners SECRETLY. I figured that since we all knew who signed up in the first place(list is above) it wouldn't matter that I posted that here. (smiles)

Someone beat me to it. Would have loved to do that for you. But, maybe we can trade next year anyhoo.(grins)
Wishing great recovery and good health for your sis. Will keep her in my prayers.
Yes, do try what Shirley suggested. Many churches do have folks who will help. Or maybe some other local organization. Like the Lions club,or maybe you know someone from the fire dept. and they can ask around if someone would help, or maybe they would help. Good luck.

Got the seeds. And WOW. They are gorgeous crosses. THANK YOU.
And WOW, tickets to the world series. Big congrats.

Hi Cindy,

need to get ready, DH goes to specialist today.

hugs to all,

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Good Morning!

Bambi, hugs to you and your sister. So glad you can still join in the Santa Swap! 'Thanks' to some generous unnamed TD sister!

Jo, did you receive that "small package" I mailed last week by snail mail? Good luck for your DH!

Shirley...I need advice on the Pineapple Lily. Do I need to plant it now or since it may get really cold here in the winter do I store the bulb till next spring, like I do dahlias, cannas etc? I am ready to plant my spring bulbs as soon as it is a nicer day! I got the rest of the palnts in yesterday!!! I am going to really mulch those La Irises. Cannot wait to see how they do! I did find an article on the web about raising them here in the midwest!

Also, you "northern"canna and dahlia fans. I need advice on storage over the winter. Carol, I noticed you had a powder on the dahlia tubers you sent me last spring? I managed to lose many cannas and dahlias last winter. They dried up or rotted. Do you keep them in the fridge or the basement? My garage does get below freezing sometimes.

Gotta get ready to go to work...more later...MaryS

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Hi TD family!

So sorry i've been MIA.....morning sickness has got the best of me and i've been in bed almost 24 hours a day. Most of the time lifting my head off the pillow is enough to make me gag, lol. I hadn't actually thrown up, but then Sunday morning came along and it happened. Totally beyond my control.
I've tried the crackers, ginger ale, cola, and a few other things and all have been maybe the slightest bit helpful, but that's about it. It's been almost a month straight that i've been sick with only 1 good day so far. I see the doc on Thurs., so hopefully they can help. You know this just isn't me. I don't want to spend one more day in that bed and would love to get back to life.
Otherwise, baby is doing great. I think someone wanted to know how far along I am now.......i'm going on 11 weeks. First Trimester is almost over already!!!

I did get a huge cheering up yesterday from our very own Mary B. I received my 9000th Post box from her and let me tell you, it was just the best. She included the most heartfelt note that filled me with so much love. Thank you Mary, I am so very touched. : )

I am unable to do pics right at the moment, but will try to get some on tomorrow. So here is my best effort at describing everything included:

First thing I found was a package addressed to "Baby Schoedel". I unwrapped it to find one of my absolute favorite childrens books of all time..."I Love You This Much". But, it was no ordinary book......it was the pop-up version! I didn't know this existed and I am just thrilled to have this for our little one. Perfect! You can't believe how cute this book is.

Then I found a gift from Chelsea for our doggie Oreo. It is a sqeaky bear holding a squeaky ball and my birds were soooo jealous. But Oreo is enjoying it and it really made him happy. He had been seeming so bored lately and this perked him right up. : )

Next thing I unwrapped was the most beautiful carved Black-Capped Chickadee sitting on a pinecone. Gorgeous! It is from the Lou Schifferl collection and we love it so much. A beautiful piece that will get a special place in our home.

Oh boy, and if that wasn't enough Mary sent me the most delicious pumpkin spice tealights. Don't worry, I didn't eat them but they smell good enough to. ; )

The next thing I found just amazed me.......the coolest shirt w/ a bird on the front that says "Fly Free". My description will not do it justice so i'll have DH take my pic wearing it (while it still fits, lol). It accets my baby bump very nicely.
Mary, I don't know how you knew, but that is the type of shirt I wear almost every day. Perfect size, perfect fit, and sooooo soft. I love the color and the birdie on the front makes it a must have. I would have picked that out for myself. Love it!

I'm still picking stuff out of the box. There's more!

Hosta's 'Cherry Berry' and 'Joyful'! Yay!

DL's 'Islesworth' and 'Chance Encounter'. Woo...

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

i finally got your box finished. i hope you like it. you should have it by thursday or friday.

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Sharon-I received my daylily seeds. Thank you again, I hope to winter sow all of them. I am going to dig up a new bed just for them so they won't get mixed up with anything else. It will be fun to post pictures of what we got when they bloom.

MaryS-The pineapple lily is very hardy. The first year I left it in the ground I covered it with a plastic grocery bag and then put mulch over it. Once they are climatized you don't have to do it again. The leaves are burgundy and of course the flower looks like a pineapple. Enjoy!
I know the La iris will do well there. I see people on dave's garden post pictures of them and they are in your zone. Very hardy little fellows.

MaryB-What a very special box you sent to our Dawn. Yes alot of thought went it that box.

Dawn-Here's hoping that morning sickness leaves you soon. It's no fun to stay in bed.

Jo-Hope your DH's visit with the specialist was good. Let us know.

Gloria-Where are you? Can you not get back on GW? If you can't I guess you can't read this. Will e-mail you.

Got to get in the bed. I'm taking the day off tomorrow and going shopping. My cousin and her husband are visiting and she wants a ladies day out. They came to bear hunt with my DH. They come every year for opening week. She actually got her first bear last year, so now she has been bit by the bear hunting bug. I could not shoot one if I saw one. Just can't do it. Hope we find some goodies at the outlets tomorrow.


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Morning everyone,

Oh Dawn,
I am so sorry you are still having the awful morning sickness. May be light at the end of the tunnel, maybe it will go once your first trimester is over. Saying a little prayer it is so.
What a wonderful box from MaryB.

What a fantastic box you sent, awesome.

Your box went out yesterday.Keep a lookout. Really hope you like it.

I really think we need to update the questionaires. I don't know if our newest members have one, and it would make life a bit easier. Plus, I am sure some of our answers may have changed, so I think it would be a good idea to update them. I will be glad to send it out again.

His visit went well. He has to have another echo done. They want to see what his heart function is. He had one done in Aug. His heart function was only 30%, so he is definitely a candidate for a defib implant. But, they want to assess again, before doing the surgery. If it is 35% or less, then he will have the procedure done in 2 weeks, and be off for another 4. Then, maybe we can start to get our lives back to normal.I pray it is so.

NO BABY YET! (smiles) Getting real close though. She was having contractions again last night, they started out at one hour apart,over a minute in length, and steadily increased till only 17 minutes apart, she was exhausted, went to bed, and that was it. So, we are still waiting.

Yes, I did, and I love it, thank you. Sent you an e-mail, must be you didn't get it. hugs

Well, guess I will go and get a bite of breakfast.
Have a great day all,
hugs all round,

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Good morning everyone,
Got my 9000th swap box from Dawn:0) Guess she can't count to 9 any better than the rest of us:)
Actually I got 2 box's, first box had 3 different garden stakes, frog, snail & dragonfly all metal about 2' tall, Love them, this box also had a mystery plant in it, it is a no ID succulent she grows indoors over the winter, has spotty leaves & reminds me of a Kalanchia (sp)
Second box had, Lots of yummy candy & M & M's
A way cool hanging stained glass fall decoration with leaves & acorns on it,
A topiary wind chime
Frosty the snow man Christmas tape (bet you will never guess the persons gifts I will use this tape on?)
A really cool thing you hang on the back of your mail box, DON'T READ THIS MAMMA G!!! It is FROG LEG'S that dangle in the wind, LOVE IT
Cool, Cool, Cool Tree Frog post it pad, Love it:)
Japanese Iris Dancing Waves
Japanese Iris Blue Marlin
Winnie The Pooh (Grandma's Brag Book) photo album
I'm sure Dawn thought this would be my FAVORITE THING? I love it, but nope, the last thing is my very. very favorite that I will cherish forever, this box was so filled with love, it is no wonder I cried when I pulled this out, are ya ready????? It is the coolest garden tool belt I have ever seen, then to top it off, Dawn has The Travailing Daylilies embroidered on it,
Dawn, Thank you so much I LOVE EVERYTHING you sent:)Anita
P. S. Dawn Can you please post this on the thread for me in case I missed someone on the E-mail list? Thanks again..:)Anita

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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

Dawn - Babybird! I like that! I had awful morning sickness the first trimester with my first. After that - piece of cake! 2nd baby, had none at all, 3rd, just a hint the first few weeks. I hope yours just vanishes too, so you can get on with all the wondering and anticipating! You'll need Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. Talk to me again when BBirrd is about 2 or 2 1/2 and tell me if I wasn't right!

Mary - We spoke to the daylily with the prolif and we all decided to just leave her be. A daylily knows what it's doing. Besides, it's too late in the season. And about Hosta, can't you hand pollinate them? As in one nice variety A pollinated by another nice variety A to get nice variety A seeds that grow up to be variety A? That is so dumb sounding a question that I already know I need to read a good thorough Hosta book! Sounds logical, tho. Works for Cairn Terriers! Did I ever tell you guys we bred the #8 female Cairn in breed points in the country for 1996? Our CH Brinkhaven Moonlight Possum! Anyway, the Hosta I grew from 'Noah's Ark' all look alike.

Sherri - (so glad you're back :) Instead of planting an ol' prolif, I just got me some Forest Phantom x Gerda Brooker seeds and I am so eager to plant those - what I like best about gardening is always looking forward to the coming thing!

Jo - I was waiting to hear how DH's cardio visit went. Sounds as if they are on top of things. The defib surgery will help you both relax, which should even help him get stronger.

Cuddly pretty changing pad, Jo. Very nice! DD got a boppie that an aunt on her DH's side made - real cute! - got used every day, too! A great gift! But I just don't know what your DD is waiting for! Actually, babies need that time in the womb and every pregnancy has its own pattern. It'll be soon now.

Way to go, Cody!!! That's a good amount of money to raise, too; that'll do some good! I want to know what you finally decided on that (sorta) screams Marea.

Congrats everyone on all your sunflowers! Mine are always stumps with groundhog tooth grooves.

15' Carol? Don't they have any WIND where you live? Wow! Mom used to grow those kale that make a thick stalk tough enuf to use as a walking stick and she grew those taller than she was, on a 40 degree hillside in N. CA.

Dang! Missed Sharon's seed offer. Maybe next year.

So now the chipmunks, all 2 million of them :) are scooting out of their brushpile, across the driveway lickedy-split, up the big old sloping oak, then way out on the little branches, then cheeks and teeth and backpacks full of acorns, down the oak, zip! across the drive, and repeat. Yellow Cat sits watching them, head going back and forth. He likes to catch one or two a day for meals and he catches them as they come down from the tree, so I keep wondering, what does he do with the acorns?

Bambi , I'll keep your sister in my heart as she goes through this illness. She's lucky to have a sister like you to chin up with her when she...

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MaryS i dust my bulbs in an anti fungi dust then store them in a un heated bedroom, dawn I still think boy 8 lbs or 7 14oz. He will come out walking and smoking a cigar. that is what the dr told me about my first when he was born. I have wind here the sunflower is planted along the house dh said when he got home last night it was almost touching the sidewalk and he couldn't walk under it so he tied it up, it has small flowers that finally opened Dh says it is more like 12 ft tall not 15. my varigated pineapple sage is setting buds, can't wait to see it bloom, I will post pics, it should be quite the contrast, yellow leaves, bright red flowers, I leave some of my dahlias in the ground cover them with plastic them mulch which is pine needles and daylilly green cuttings. wish it would stop raining I am starting to mold again. Gloria where are my movies? hugs carol

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

i got my package from jo today. she sent
a big orange beaded pumpkin candle
a really cool glass pumkin
two big yummy sugar cookies
lotion and hand sanitizer
a bird house ornament she made
a homemade clay rooster and hen (sorry jo, they were broken. i think with some super glue they can be fixed.)
two tubes of chapstick (did i ever mention i have a chapstick fetish? i have somewhere around 60 tubes)
daffodil bulbs from her moms garden
orange meadowbrite and razzmatazz coneflower seeds

i think thats everything, i'll have to go through the box again and check.
thanks so much jo i love it all!

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marybz5ny(zone5 NY)

Hi All,
Well now, we can't let this Thursday get by us without a single post now can we? Where is everyone today?

Dawn, glad your box came and you liked it all. I had so much fun putting it together for you. I actually bought myself a shirt just like yours - loved it! I wear those types of tee shirts alot too. I'll bet your little baby bump looks cute as can be.

Bambi, so sorry to hear about your sister. Will be thinking good thoughts for her. Please let us know how she is doing.

Jo, so sweet of you to want to "pay it forward". Glad to see that Gene is being monitored closely and they will be doing what is the best for him. Sounds like a defib could give you some good peace of mind.

Sharon, received your DL seeds. Thank you. Thank you. They look like beauties.

I will be going through my seeds soon and offering some to anyone that wants some. I know Carol and Barb missed out on Sharon's so will send some to them. Anyone else want some?

Sherri, congratulations! I'm envious! I want a new baby in the family.

Cindy, love Electric Marmelade Magic. How's work?

Barb, hostas can be hand pollinated. Alot of people do it. I've never tried it yet. Guess to me it seems that it would be hard to keep track of exactly when the flowers open so you can get to them before the bees do. I'm sure, just as with daylilies, you can make alot nice crosses that will take good characteristics from each of the parents. But, I'm sure that just like daylilies also there are alot that are nothing spectacular. I'm not sure, but I
think the question you are asking is that if you pollinate a hosta with another of the same variety, will you get a true to name hosta of the same variety. I believe the answer to be no. Again, just like a daylily whose flower is pollinated with pollen of the same type, it will not grow true. True to name will only come through root division or tissue culture. Anyone, please feel free to jump in here and correct me if I'm wrong.

Dianne, MaryS and Marea, I'm with you guys - still have not cut back my hostas. Hate to see them go. I still have quite a few that actually look pretty good - even after the snow. I think they're beautiful when they're yellow too. Mary, how is it that we've never traded hostas yet? We'll have to do something about that in the spring.

Cindy and Sherri, no problem on the forgotten donations - I'll hit you up next year! I plan on doing the walk every year. Just got an email from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The turnout was actually over 2000 people and more than $175,000 was raised!

Guess I'd better be off to bed.

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

I crawled to my desk so I could stop in and say HI! Today is a bad day and I am so sick.
I had an appointment with the doc. yesterday and he wants me to give it a few more weeks to see if it subsides. I'm praying that is the case. I am unable to function. : (
Good news...I heard the heartbeat for the first time! Wow, that was fun. It was very stong and the doc. said it sounded excellent. He gave me a great report and said I couldn't be doing better. LOLOL. Easy for him to say. ; )
I'm really happy all is well and I can't wait to snap out of this yucky feeling.

I have so much catching up to do and totally forget everything that I wanted to address. I'm sorry.

I know I never congratulated Cody on his big win. Great job! I'd have loved to have been there to watch. : )

And Gloria's beautiful daughter! Wow, what stunning pictures. Absolutely lovely bride.

Barb, I will put Goodnight Moon on my list. : ) Hope your DH faired well with the appraisal. Sounds like one heck of a job. Oh, and the new chair sounds like fun. I'll bet you'll get used to it in no time. I was at the store the other day and a lady next to me had an elec. chair. She was driving it about the same speed I was moving along and suddenly said, "This thing needs overdrive". : ) She had me giggling.

Anita, so glad you liked your boxes. Hopefully you'll think of each and every Traveling Daylily, past and present, when you wear that apron. : )

MaryB, DH took a pic of me in my new shirt and i'll get it posted soon. : )
Such wonderful news about the donations! That is fabulous. I will be more than happy to donate next year and only wish i'd have done so this year. Things have been so crazy and I totally forgot.

Carol, lololololol! I pray that my baby won't be smoking a cigar at birth, or ever. ; )

Jo, hope DH and DD are doing well today. Loved your pic of the changing pad. You are just so dang crafty. My idol. : )

I've been feeling "crafty" lately, but too sick to do anything about it. I really wanted to do some decorating for Fall and Halloween but I might as well forget it now. I have tons of stuff, but guess it will be staying in the boxes this year.

Cody, we have a terrible problem with disappearing Chapstick in this house. I don't know where the heck it goes!!?? I have to keep buying it over and over, never to find the lost tubes. It drives me crazy!!

Shirley, get anything good at the outlets?

I've got some updated construction pics, but I need to get them loaded into the computer. We haven't done much this week due to all the rain and loss of daylight. Poor DH, who always works close to home, is having to travel an hour each way to the jobsite north of Pittsburgh. It is a few million dollar home that is going to take him one and a half months to brick. One of our longest jobs ever. He will be so glad to get out of there. And with the shorter days, I think we are pretty much...

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wow !!! Paul selected me to recieve his special gift for the fall swap, he sent a gigantic plumeria and some purple tulips, Thankyou Paul, I have always wanted a nice plumeria plant. she is potted up and happy, gave her the sunniest spot in my window. thankyou Paul I love it. you are the best. I feel honored to get this special box, there was one of pauls cards that he makes also, I love them, I need a link to where you sell them at I wanna get some for my daughters mother in law for christmas. thankyou hugs carol

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Jean, so sorry we missed it!


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Reminder to all of us:
November birthday: Cathy Castle, Cindy Osman.

Well, I guess we don't need to remind those two that their Birthdays are coming .... just the rest of us.

Dawn, sorry to hear you are feeling so badly. I remember with my second pregnancy starting a new job, finding out I was pregnant then getting sick at work everyday at 10 am. and usually after lunch for weeks. Almost lost my job then I was so sick. But it always went away by the 14th week. Sure hope that happens with you.

I know you all aren't too excited about the baseball games ... but hubby and I are super excited to be going to Game 2 of the World Series on Sunday! I was supposed to work that day, but found someone to trade days with me. We plan on going to Detroit by noon, spending the whole day there, then going to the game at 7:30. It will be a wonderfully long day .... I have to work Monday morning (ya all know I start work pretty early), but I hope it is worth it.

Any Cardinal Fans here?
Well, we are going to beat you! LOL


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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

Oh, Dawn, I'm so sorry you're feeling so badly. I hope it passes quickly and the second trimester has you feeling invincible.

We had horrible winds here yesterday. My yard is strewn hither and yon. Once the morning coffee kicks in I'll be putting things back in order and packing things away for the winter.

Paul, when are we getting Christmas Swap names? I'm itching to start shopping, baking and crafting.

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Hi All,

I sent out an e-mail to all the TD's this AM. If you didn't get one from me, PLMK ASAP. thanks

wow, a plummie. NICE. Mine still has lots of leaves, but she didn't bloom for me. Maybe next year.


very gentle hugs, for our so sick mamabirrd.

Have a wonderful time, hope your team wins.

have a great day everyone,
hugs to all,

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onesherri(z5 OH)

Hi everyone. :):)

Mary, that was great results. Good for you doing the walk. I have had good intentions for a few of those but never did get my butt out there.

Cindy, I am escatic to be an aunt but you know that means more trips to Columbus. And don't forget you are right on my way.:) Have to stop and see my second mom and new sister.LOL

Sharon, the seed crosses were awesome as usual. Thanks a bunch.

Dawn, have to agree with the above post. Its a boy. Thats what everyone told me when I was so sick.
Lets survey: Any of you mothers with girls get the all day morning sickness????

Sorry I missed all the christmas swaps but with school came new bills. Will catch up next year when I am a working woman.:)

Ok off to study...Sherri

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Carol-Congratulations on your special box from Paul. I think everyone in the group had that special person they wanted to send their box to.

Jo-Congratulations on getting two that made you the winner.
You are indeed a special person.

Sharon-Enjoy your day with the Cardinal Team. Hope they win, it is always extra special if they win when you are there.

Sherri-So glad to hear that you are so committed to your education. Fun stuff can always come later. A good education is so important.

Dawn-I do hope you are feeling better. Morning sickness is the worst feeling ever. I had it with my daughter but not my son. I did find some great buys at the outlets. They had some good sales the day we were there. It was not crowded either. I'm taking off again Monday and going to Dollywood. Alot of gospel groups are performing this month. Sure glad I saved alot of my vacation days.


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namso(Z5 OH)

Good Afternonn all,

Jean, Happy Belated Birthday! hope it was a great one.

Sharon, World Serires tickets! oh lucky you.:) have a wonderful time. loved your seedling pics....the edge on the first one is really nice and LOVE the 2nd...bet evry flower is different and the coloring just looks tropical. awesome.

Dawn, oh my, i hope you get to feeling better very soon. glad to hear all is well with the baby though:).

Shirley, love the glass daylily from Anita. and Dollywood sounds better than bear hunting anyday :):). sounds like you have tons of upcoming fun.
glad your enjoying the pics. it takes me most of the winter to sort through the ones i took. but is fun when nothing is in bloom.

MaryS - hope your staying warm :) and getting a break by now.

MaryB- at least off today anyway. will be much better soon. :). and yippee, your walk sounds like it was a huge success.

hostas.....does this discussion mean that you can take them down green or half green? somehow i thought they had to go dormant. i like the gold color but in a very short time they become mushy...or worse frozen mushy. ick- wimp that i am.

Bambi - hoping to hear good news on your sister. and thanks for the peony info.

Jo- bet you all are ready for the new baby:). sounds like anytime. we want pics of course. does she know if its a boy or girl?

Sherri, lol. ill be happy anytime you can make it. Glad to hear the studies are going well.

Barb, grats on the new vechile! hoping your zipping around comfortably now. would love to meet you at Wade & Gatton if you decided to go.

Paul - looking forward to partners.

Leonard Salter

Lounge Lizard


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I just emailed everyone who signed up for the Secret Santa Swap with the name of your partner. Please let me know(not the group) if you didn't get my email or if you have any problems. Remember this is to be a SECRET swap.

Please try to meet the December 1 deadline for mailing. If there are any late boxes, this will really mess up the guessing part of the swap.

Thanks everyone. Have fun shopping :-).

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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

Oh, Cindy, they'll take til next summer probably to actually get the chair to me. We're just doing a day with the Occupational Therapist so she can decide what does the job best. Then, next summer, maybe Wade & Gatton! Or Gerda Brooker's.

Love your Lounge Lizard, Cindy!

Off to bed - talk to you all later.


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marybz5ny(zone5 NY)

Good Morning Everyone,
Congratulations Jo, on being the winner of the extra fall friendship boxes! You are certainly deserving, sweetie that you are!

Paul, received secret swap info. Thanks!

Sharon, are you getting ready to leave for Detroit yet? I hope you have an awesome day today and your team wins big time! I'm not a big baseball fan, but what a thrill to go to the WORLD SERIES!!!

Cindy, go ahead and cut your hostas back anytime now. They are so close to dormancy now anyway, it will not make any difference. I'm going to start soon too on some that are looking bad.

Barb, Hope all works out well for you getting fitted for a new chair that you can zip around in! If there is to be any plans in the making for a trip to Wade and Gatton with Cindy next summer, please include me too.I swear, if I accomplish one thing next year, it will be a visit to Miss CindyO's house. Maybe we can coordinate a weekend that Sherri will be able to be there too. You have to promise to take it slow though so the three of us can keep up with you!

Came home yesterday to a phone message on my answering machine from our dear Annie! I'm going to try to give her a call back today. She is supposed to have her new computer installed on Tuesday, so should be back with us by mid week! YAAAYYYY!!!

Marea, where are you? Did you get packed up in a moving box? How is all of that going? You must be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel by now???

My guess for Dawn's baby is definitely a GIRL! Maybe we will need to organize a game of everyone guessing for boy/girl, date, weight, length, etc. Most right answers gets the TD trophy in May?

Well, I really went and did it yesterday... While walking down a hill after my son's football game, turned my ankle REALLY good. I felt something kind of pop and immediate pain. Hurt so bad to finish walking the 30 yards to the truck that I was sick to my stomach by the time I got there. I came home and immediately iced it. Stayed totally off it for several hours. It was starting to feel a little better by last night and there was not much swelling so I was up and around for a little while last night, just taking it easy, but could not deal with sitting anymore. I am not good at sitting still! This morning it's hurting again pretty good when I try to walk on it. I'm supposed to work an 8 hour shift today (on my feet), so I don't think that's going to happen. I am already thinking about what I can accomplish hobbling around in the garden today -oh, I am so bad. I know I need to rest it and let it heal. That's going to be tough!

Better go - need to catch up on some emails. Hope you all have a great day.

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marybz5ny(zone5 NY)

HELLO???? Is there anybody out there?

Wondering since we haven't heard from Jo since Saturday morning if she finally has her hands on that baby?? Jo??

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Cindy-More awesome daylilies as usual. Gosh they are beautiful.

MaryB-So glad you heard from Annie. I've been wondering about her. Hope she gets back online real soon. Sorry to hear about your ankle. Hope you do not have as much trouble as I have had with mine. It still hurts me when I'm on it for a long period of time. My DD just told me today to go to a specialist and see why it doesn't heal.

Carmen and Lisa-Thinking of you both. Hope you get back in those gardens next year. God bless and keep you close.

Well I made the mistake of going to Dollywood today...Good grief it was coldddddddd. When we got to the very top of the mountain it was 22 degrees. I knew we had made a bad decision going today. It only warmed up to around 40 degrees and the wind blew all day. We cut the day short and shopped at the outlets. On the way home we saw a baby bear in the top of a tree. It was so cute.


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(MaryB was right, smiles)

Please meet "Alex Mathew" He is waving to everyone(grins)
He was 7lbs. 15oz. and 21 1/4" long.

Here he is with Mommy and Daddy

and one more...(he's such a little sweetie, can't help it)

I have lots more pics, but I won't post them all (big grins)
Mom and Alex are now doing well, but we had quite a scare. Her water broke at 3:30 am on Sunday. Went to the hospital at 7am, she was relaxed and moving along normally, she had been hoping for a water birth, but that didn't happen. She started pushing around 5:30, after an hour passed and no baby I was getting worried and her fiance' could tell. By 8:30 and still no baby, I was so scared, and she was nearly grey with fatigue. Her fiance" and I were both helping, he was on one side and I was onthe other. We kept encouraging her, and finally she made one last huge effort and he was born at 9:01 pm Sunday the 22nd(her due date, believe it or not) The doc said it was a very good thing he was born when he was, because his heart rate was going up, and he was in distress. They put him in a heated (incubator) bassinett, with lots of tubes and wires. The poor little guy had a serious case of "conehead", and needed to be suctioned because he had so much fluid in his lungs. But, all is well now, his head is nearly back to normal, and his breathing is normal. They kept them an extra day to keep an eye on them both. Hopefully they will be home today.

Well, gotta go,
have a great day everyone,

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Yay!! Congratulations to you Grandma Jo, Grandpap, & the proud parents! What a beautiful little boy. : )

I am so happy that mom & baby are doing okay. That was alotta' pushing!

Alex looks alot like both Mom & Dad. : )

Absolutely wonderful news! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures with us Jo. : )

Time to celebrate!!!

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Jo, Big congrats to the parents and to you and your hubby!

MaryB - Ouch! take care of that ankle.

Game 2 of the World Series was fun, but cold and rainy! Had a great time and The Tigers WON!

We got to Detroit very early, about 2. Walked around, ate in Greek Town. Finally we went into Comerica Park early, around 6 pm. Game was to start at 7:30.

Here are some pictures of me and hubby before the game started. Remember, I got these tickets when the tickets went up for sale for the general public, so they were not the nice ones that cost tons of money.
We were on the 3 deck, the highest you can go. Pretty much over Home plate.

Me, notice the WS2006 (world series 2006) on the right side of the picture. Click on picture to make it bigger.


Meg in gold dress and a friend at the Homecoming Court Judging:

Can you believe the friends dress cost her $12.00 from a discount rack at J.C. Penney's

We will be glued to the tube tonight for game 3.


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Here I am, MaryB!! Was off moving another classic vehicle with my packrat DH over the wkend - we finally scheduled it all out & it's gonna take us 8 more weeks of him moving one per wkend (I won't try hauling a car trailer over the mountains - nothing like a horse trailer) to get all his stuff out of here - so me & the cats & the packed up pot ghettos will still be here for Christmas... I wanted to ask about hostas: i have 3 that are more immune to Frost & are still green and healthy whilst the rest are all yellow or white already - June, Fire & Ice and Emerald Tiara with it's bloom stalk. Have you noticed this?

Congratulations to you & your family Grandma Jo! So happy that Alex is with ya'll & they are both doing good.

And HURRAH Sharon's Tigers! Sounds like you & DH had a blast shivering at the World Series - greek food would have made it worthwhile to me. DD looks fabulous in that incredible find of a coral/orange dress! Sharon, you look like me with dark hair!! ...weird... *grin* I meant to write you again about those wonderful seeds: you got me all SET for my '07 sdlg crop [pardon the pun] - except maybe a Bridey or Birdtalk cross - thank you ever more profusely.

Shirley! Shivering in the TN mtns - glad you could at least go shopping. I am sorry I haven't sent you the rose cuttings or iris yet, it's been either no money or no time. But I haven't forgotten & will share them with you.

Cindi, can you guess which purple Hanson is now on my wish list? You really should make daylily calenders/boxes of cards, lady!

Well, here is what I came online to share with you - 'Crystal Blue Persuasion' blooming today on my doorstep:

~click on photo to see a larger version~

Thank you Paul for hosting the very fun Secret Santa swap! If you are in the swap, please finish your questionnaire??
Off to pick leaves off my semps again ~m'

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Some pregnancy humor........

I'm not really laughing.

Marea, good things come to those who wait. You'll be all settled in good time. Enjoy the transition, lol. I doubt very much that we'll be moving in come Spring like originally anticipated. The weather is getting the best of us and not much we can do about it.
I'm very jealous of your blooming beauty. I do have my lovely Chrysanthemums, though. : )

They won't be lasting much longer unfortunately. Old man winter is trying to show his face a bit early. I saw my first flakes yesterday and they continued into this morning. No accumulation thank goodness.

Sharon, I thought about you on game day. Your seats look pretty good to me! Glad you had a good time. Great pics! And DD looks beyond beautiful in that gorgeous, gold dress.

I'm here too Mary! Just have been too ill to type. I can't wait to feel like my old self again. : )

I *think* I totally forgot to tell everyone that you (Mary) included my favorite candy in my 9000 swap box. Tropical Dots!! I don't know how you knew the tropical ones were my favorites? I just finished them up today. They are hard to find and I sometimes find them, of all places, at the dollar store. Yum, yum, yum!

My poor birdie Mac is without a TV. My 4 year old Sony blew a tube (I think) and the repairman is coming tomorrow. I bought the 4 year warranty when I got the TV and it expires on Dec. 23rd. Just made it! Whew! It will pay for itself.
In the meantime, Mac is listening to the radio and getting very mad at me. He misses his cartoons.

Did I tell y'all that we have names picked out for the baby?? I'd like to play some sort of guessing game. Maybe i'll send out a mass email.

We love unusual names and I think we did a good job with our decisions. I have at least one sister that likes them...not so sure about everyone else. : )

I've got pics to post and will do so someday. I'm too pooped to walk downstairs to get my camera, lol.

Well, time for the "what can I cook for dinner without gagging" game. It's getting old. Poor DH is having to eat such goofy things every day, lol. My tolerances change like the weather and one day I can look at spaghetti sauce and the next day i'll barf if I even catch a peek of it in the pantry. Ugh! I made Haluski 2 days in a row 'cause it was all I could stand. Then I made Chef Boy R Deeeeee Ravioli of all things, hee hee. I'll bet DH hadn't had any of that since he was like 4 years old. Another strange craving.

I'll chat more soon......
~Dawn (mamabirrd)

PS: Don't forget to keep watch for when I start the new, 9000 T.D. Posts thread. There is a prize in store for the 9001st poster!!!

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Hi Marea,
I just cut down all my Hostas today. Almost all were on their last legs, but a couple were still green and healthy if you overlooked the holes. I wasn't going to wait any longer to cut them down.

The pulmonarias were all green and beautiful, but they got chopped down also.

Are you supposed to cut down the iris leaves now? They still look nice.

Marea, why are you picking leaves off your semps?
And I can't believe you still have a Daylily blooming!!!
And oh, how I want a Bridey Greeson cross!!! I'm going back to the LA to see if there are any right now!

Lounge Lizard - wow, love that name Cindy!!!

Off to make dinner.

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I'm Back!!!!

Oh my, lot to catch up on. Congratulations to Grandma Jo,your grandson is beautiful.

Dawn, congratulations! I do hope the morning sickness soon subsides for you.

MaryB, do take care of that ankle.

I love having DSL, and it does amaze me how fast pictures load.

I better get back out there and rake more leaves.

I have missed you all!


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Grandma Jo-Little Alex Matthew is beautiful. I know he will be spoiled but that's ok they are only little once.

Annie-Hello, Welcome back sure missed you. It want be long before we are raking leaves here. They are falling fast.

Marea-Thanks for remembering about the irises and rose. I can send you money for postage if you want. I don't mind at all. Love your Crystal Blue Persuasion.

Sharon-Meg has that beautiful olive tone skin. She is beautiful, love her dress.


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marybz5ny(zone5 NY)

Hi Everyone,
Whew! Am I glad to get on and see all the posts from everyone. I was feeling like the child whose parents move away with out telling her where they were going!

Jo, CONGRATULATIONS to you and the family! How exciting! We have another baby to ooh and aah over! He is just beautiful. I see the resemblence to Jacinta.

Annie, welcome back. I have missed you so this year! Every time I look at that Tiffany's Godzilla, I am reminded that I owe you a hosta box. Guess we'll be looking at next year now. Can't wait till your raking is done and you can spend a few minutes and fill us all in on what's been happening for this past year with you. How is your sister doing? I was so glad to hear that Shelby again got a clean bill of health at his check up. How many years now?

Shirley, you were one of the first people I thought of when I sprained my ankle the other day. Started wondering if yours still bothered you since you hadn't mentioned it lately. I have really tried to go easy these past couple of days and I would say it's about 75% better. It doesn't hurt to walk on it as long as I step easily, but is still very tender in the area under my ankle bone and I know if I were to mis step and twist it again anytime soon it would not be a good thing.

Oh Dawn, I feel so badly for you being so sick. I hope that it passes after your first trimester as it often does. I was really lucky with mine. Never any morning sickness with either of my boys and just very mild occasional sickness with my daughter for a few weeks.

Didn't know that Tropicals were your favorite - just knew you liked Dots so thought these would be different. Found them at Target.

A baby name guessing game sounds like fun! Who knows with everyone keeping in mind that you like unusual names, maybe someone will come up with something that you and Jason really love!

Sharon, sounds like you had a great time in Detroit. Your daughter is beautiful! Good job on getting so much of your garden cleaned up - you go girl!

My 'Art Gallery Fringe' daylily is still blooming away. Has several buds on it and I just noticed today it is throwing up another scape. Cindy will be happy to hear that the scape and buds are all getting nipped off tomorrow. Much as it will kill me to do it, I'm trying to do the right thing here.

It has been steadily getting colder here again. It's not supposed to make it out of the mid 40's all week. Night temps in the mid 30's. Had a couple of hours tonight so I ran around and got some more of my tenders in. Have tomorrow off and it's supposed to be REALLY CRAPPY - 40 and rainy/possibly wet snow. Will spend the day regardless of the weather digging cannas and dahlias and I believe that's all that still need to come in. Still have some bulbs to plant and a couple of shrubs and some hostas still in pots. Every year I have a few hostas that never make it into the ground and they will generally come back if I keep them in the garage where...

    Bookmark   October 24, 2006 at 9:31PM
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Did someone say horse trailor, Marea?

Look who got a digital!!

Here is a link that might be useful: beautiful

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marybz5ny(zone5 NY)

Oops, meant to ask you guys in my post last night for "cool" ideas for a halloween party for teen/preteen age kids. My kids decided that they wanted to have a party instead of trick or treating this year. They are just at that age that it's time to let that go. Anyway, there will be kids there in the age span of 10-14 (5th - 8th grade). You know, the perfect age for thinking that your parents are just big losers anyway so looking for ideas that will be fun for them but not too babyish. Not worried about the food ideas so much as I'm sure there are a million ideas on the internet,but wanted to do a few games and activities to pass some time so this is where I could use some help. Keep in mind it will probably be 40 degrees and raining so will be mostly inside. Thanks for any helpful ideas that you can give me.


    Bookmark   October 25, 2006 at 5:45AM
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axelsrose(zone 5)

Good Morning all,
I am playing catch up again. Dan is in the middle of a cluster headache and was off work a couple of days. Those things are just ugly. At their peaks (worst) they go through to his eyes and he gets blind for a while. Luckily they never got that bad this time. Hoping the meds will keep them pushed back. The Dr.s say the causes are unknown, but it is funny that they start about the same time the cold weather comes. Anyway, he is back at work and says he feel ok. Keep you fingers crossed.

Frost again this morning. when you walk outside the grass is crunchy. I am so not ready for the cold weather, just one more month. Oh well.

The pictures are fantastic. I just love them. As I learn how, I will try to post some, I am a litte slow in this area, but I am learning! LOVE SEEING THE BABIES! Congrats to Dawn and Jo. BTW Dawn, I think it will be a boy.

Barb and Deni- boxes heading your way this morning.

MaryB- Teen party ideas. I have a good and easy recipe for sloppie joes with a halloween twist. We made them in high school. As far as games, there is always the old stand by, pin the parts on the Mummy! And bobbing for rotten apples. I just got a booklet from Pilsbury with all kinds of halloween recipes and party ideas. If you are interested I will send it to you. The games sound good and the recipes look too fun! LMK

Update on knife guy. He didn't take the ple-, how do you spell it? Anyway, the did not accept the deal they offered him of 20 years, do 10, so I have to testify, YIPPEE. Courts, lawyers, judges, oh my! See what being good gets you, spend your whole young life trying not to see these people and you have to eventually see them anyway. Yuck!

For those that are sick and have sick loved ones, good thoughts and prayer to you.

This is all the catching up I have time for today. Have a great fall day and all be safe.


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Here's some Fall pictures
My niece Rena far left, Dawson, DD Sheila, and me

Rena, Sheila & Dawson



This place is owned by the Episcopal Church...

Dollywood was decorated beautifully.


    Bookmark   October 25, 2006 at 9:41AM
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Shirley, beautiful pictures! what kind of camera do you have?

MaryB you know I think we really enjoyed the scavenger hunts, but I don't know how many are done now days. We came up with some pretty niffty stuff to ask for for. Example, A large plant,( hehe, we came back with a corn stalk) diaper pins, pacifier, carpenter grease pencil, orange #2 pencil, tacks, paperclips, balloons, juicy fruit gum, clothes pin, etc.

I'm glad you enjoyed Tiffany's Godzilla, and you do know that I'm not worried at all about the trade. Your friendship is trade enough; that is what sharing is all about! Thanks for asking about Shelby and sis. Shelby has hit the 4 year mark and sis 2 years in remission.

Now, this is bad when you are out raking leaves and you discover you have iris you didn't know you had. If only I can find out who sent me Throb, Heartbreak Hotel, Music Maker,Thai Orange,and Going My Way. I just don't remember! Gosh talk about a senior moment! Anyway I've looked them up and ooooooooooh I do love the looks of them.So I'm doing the happy dance here ;O) Did any of you guys send them to me??? If so, I sure hope I didn't forget to send a trade. I will sure make good of it if I did.

I better get a shower and start some supper. I feel pretty grubby!


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axelsrose(zone 5)

Can I come live with you? That valley is incredible! Dan says he's coming too! Wow! And where were you all at, looks like a fall festival. So beautiful. And then your family, how wonderful. Too cute, blonde and blue(?)! Great pictures! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Bookmark   October 25, 2006 at 7:02PM
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Great photos.
I sent you two emails from my hotmail account and one from GW regarding your Secret Santa partner. Did you receive any of them? Maybe my email is getting screened by a spam filter?


    Bookmark   October 25, 2006 at 8:05PM
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Paul-I have not gotten any of the e-mails. Looks like I am going to have to call you! lol Send me one at shirleyspeed@zickgraf.com maybe I will get it that way. It's my work e-mail.

Susan-Would love for you and Dan to come and live here. I have an extra bedroom. Every direction you go here is pretty much those scenes. I live only 45 minutes from the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Fall scene pictures were taken at Dollywood Monday. Yes Dawson has the blondest hair, he got it from his Dad, we are all brunettes.

Annie-The camera is a fuji finepixA205. It's actually not my favorite but it's the one I took that day.

Karen-Loved your pictures your horses are beautiful. You are an expert all ready.

MaryB-Yes my ankle still bothers me. I'm seriously considering going to a bone specialist to see what's wrong with it. Every time I wear a different pair of shoes I limp for days. Reebok tennis shoes feel the best but I can't wear them to work or church. Mary I just got the cutest e-mail telling how to make a cat litter cake. Honestly it looks just like a cat litter box but you can eat it. I will send it to you.


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llbean(z5 MI)

I know that I am no where near offical.. yet.. but...
What about a halloween fear factor party.. I threw one for some teens at a center near my home and it was a HUGE HIT.. email me and I will give the details..

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axelsrose(zone 5)

Dan just read this story to me through tearfilled eyes, I thought you all might fine something in it.

The next time you feel life is out of control.....
The next time you feel sorry for yourself.....
The next time you feel you like you can't.....
Just remember this story and know that you CAN.
I believe in you, Angels

Read the story first then make sure your sound is on for the video.

Rick Reilly for Sports Illustrated

I try to be a good father. Give my kids mulligans. Work nights to pay for
their text messaging. Take them to swimsuit shoots.

But compared with Dick Hoyt, I suck.

Eighty-five times he's pushed his disabled son, Rick, 26.2 miles in
marathons. Eight times he's not only pushed him 26.2 miles
in a wheelchair but also towed him 2.4 miles in a dinghy while swimming and
pedaled him 112 miles in a seat on the handlebars -- all in the same day.

Dick's also pulled him cross-country skiing, taken him on his back mountain
climbing and once hauled him across the U.S. on a bike.

Makes taking your son bowling look a little lame, right?

And what has Rick done for his father? Not much -- except save his life.

This love story began in Winchester, Mass., 43 years ago, when Rick was
strangled by the umbilical cord during birth, leaving him
brain-damaged and unable to control his limbs. "He'll be a vegetable the
rest of his life," Dick says doctors told him and his wife, Judy,
when Rick was nine months old. "Put him in an institution." But the Hoyts
weren't buying it. They noticed the way Rick's eyes
followed them around the room. When Rick was 11 they took him to the
engineering department at Tufts University and asked
if there was anything to help the boy communicate. "No way," Dick says he
was told. "There's nothing going on in his brain."

"Tell him a joke," Dick countered. They did. Rick laughed. Turns out a lot
was going on in his brain.

Rigged up with a computer that allowed him to control the cursor by
Touching a switch with the side of his head, Rick was finally
able to communicate. First words? "Go Bruins!" And after a high school
classmate was paralyzed in an accident and the school
organized a charity run for him, Rick pecked out, "Dad, I want to do that."

Yeah, right. How was Dick, a self-described "porker" who never ran more
than a mile at a time, going to push his son five miles?

Still, he tried. "Then it was me who was handicapped," Dick says. "I was
sore for two weeks."

That day changed Rick's life. "Dad," he typed, "when we were running, it
felt like I wasn't disabled anymore!"

And that sentence changed Dick's life. He became obsessed with giving Rick
that feeling as often as he could. He got into such hard-belly
shape that he and Rick were ready to try the 1979 Boston Marathon.

"No way," Dick was told by a race official. The Hoyts weren't quite a
single runner, and they weren't quite a wheelchair competitor.


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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

Jo, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Your grandson is stunning and looks very intelligent (I can tell these things). I'm so happy for you and your family. Jacinta and her fiance look so happy with their new little gift from heaven. I'm sending you all big, squishy hugs.

Brittneygran--you look nothing like what I imagined. You are so young! I always thought of you as a 60ish woman with salt and pepper hair, can't even say why. I'm so glad you posted a picture. My preconceived notion of what a grandma looks like, I guess. And that little cutie-patootie Dawson, I could eat him up.

Marea--hostas are the cockroach of the plant world. They survive anything. You can scalp them now or later, won't make a difference next spring. I still have some that look pretty good. Unfortunately, they're surrounded by neighbors that are limp, yellow and laying flat on the mulch, like frozen lettuce. If the weather cooperates this weekend, I'll trim them all back for the winter nap.

MaryB--a teen party is a great idea. I was thinking bobbing for apples, too. I picked up a little idea book at the supermarket register called Halloween Food, Fun & Crafts by Best Recipes. Cute stuff inside.

Susan--I've been watching the Rick and Dick Hoyt video and crying. What an inspiration. Makes me feel so appreciative of the blessings in my life.

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axelsrose(zone 5)

Good Morning,
Di- yes, I found it very inspiring. It confirms what I have always believed, you already have in you what you need to accomplish the tasks you are to do. Doesn't mean you won't have to hone those skill and develope them, doesn't mean it won't be painful at times, but they are there. And the people you need, to inspire, to help, will be put in your path. Then by doing your tasks, living a life true to what is in your heart, you inspire others. It is a big circle. That is why I posted it here, hoping it would inspire those that read it, as it did me.
Have a great day, all.

    Bookmark   October 27, 2006 at 7:54AM
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Susan-Thanks for sharing the story...what an inspiration!!!

Diane-Thanks for the compliment about looking young. I always picture someone the total opposite of what they really look like. I talk to them on the phone then when I meet them it's totally different from the way I pictured them.

Ladies let's say yea or nay to Laura joining the group. She just joined Our Bloomin Friends Group. We have several in the group that never post, never trade, and etc.
Need ladies that REALLY want to be a part of the group.

Paul-I did get your e-mail through the last e-mail I gave you. Hope you got my reply back. Time to shop, shop, shop to you drop.


    Bookmark   October 27, 2006 at 8:32AM
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Good mornind all TDs!

No school today (teacher conferences) so I have all day off!

Enjoying all the pictures!I cannot believe some of you still have daylilies blooming!

Jo Congrats on the new grandchild! What a cutie!

Sharon, I enjoyed your pictures. DD is very pretty!It is fun to see what our TD members look like for real!

Marea, Thinking of you with all that moving ahead of you. Hang in there. It will be worth it!

Shirley, Your Dawson is really a cutiepie!And I agree with Dianne...you look like a young grandma!It is beautiful where you live! Looking at flat farm ground around here gets pretty boring!I mulched and watered all those LA iris yesterday and so hopefully they are all settled in for the long winter!

Hostas...Yes they are pretty tough. I am in the process of cutting mine off as they are pretty much mush right now! Seems like no matter what I do, cut them off or not, they will be back next spring! The only ones I have had trouble with are the tiny/mini ones. They seem to be a little more 'fussy' to grow! Should I be cutting down my daylily leaves, too. Some of them are pretty green yet! It is the nicest day we have had in a long while....Guess I will finish whacking the hostas off and hopefully plant my spring bulbs!

Dawn hope you are feeling better soon!

I still need to update my questionair but actually everything is probably the same.

Susan, great story and it is good to have you back!

Annie, glad to see you are back too!

MaryB, sorry to hear about your ankle injury. Those can be so painful and do take some time to heal! Do be careful so you don't re-injure it! We definately will have to do a hosta trade next year!

Well, time to go get busy outside!


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Dearest MaryS - I've missed you - glad to read your post! I am content with this long, long change & am happy here until i get to explore new worlds & plant my pot ghetto. Haven't you two Marys traded yet? My Mary/Mary hosta garden is just stunning.

Dawnie - so happy to hear you feel a bit better - hope you continue to improve until you get to that vibrant glowing health stage real quick!

MaryB & Shirley - get well soon! I hurt my shoulder with the horses i was training last Spring & it is finally starting to heal & not hurt at every movement - I know what a long, debilitating drag those injuries can be...

My Hosta question was to see if anybody noticed the same cultivars withstanding Frost... Most of my hostas are gone & i did cut them off & compost, but i have 3 hostas that still look fresh under the same conditions - 'June' especially.

Susan, in case you still cannot receive my emails I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your Brug cuttings with me! I didn't think i wanted any more until i mastered my 'Maya' & got it to flower next year - but i am doing the happy dance complete w/maracas to have them - most especially 'Axelrose'!!! I had a good cry watching that video this morning & felt clean & right to start my day - thanks for that, too.

And Betty - I've sent you two emails to thank you for my incredible Friendship box & asking about the label maker you use - I really loved every single thing you sent me & was astounded at your extreme generosity.

Karen - more photos!!

Sharon - i got your back on Bridey, girl. *grin*

I just pick up fallen tree leaves that cover up my semp plants - they sulk & die quick if mulched like that.
Speaking of which, off into the last of the Sunlight ~m'

    Bookmark   October 27, 2006 at 6:53PM
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Marys-I call Dawson my little punkin so it is so cute to see him with all the pumpkins.

Speaking of pumpkins, have any of you ever had Pumpkin Butter? I have never liked pumpkin anything. My cousin bought a jar of the Pumpkin Butter at Cracker Barrel and I tried it. Oh mercy that stuff is good. It is even better than apple butter. I have been on a quest to find all I can. Every Cracker Barrel I visit though only has one jar or none. Seems like alot of folks have found out how good it is. If you have a Cracker Barrel close by get you a jar. It costs $3.99 and is so worth it. It may be seasonal so I'm stocking up.

Marea-My June hosta still looks good also, the others have already bit the dust though. I hope to get more beds cleaned up today.

Need to get busy....Byeeeeeeeeeee


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namso(Z5 OH)

Posted long post. Hail storm :(....its gone. :( I cannot group email...it crashs my dialup.

Hmmm...DAWN...maybe if i lose it 5 more times or so. ? grin

Something Bold x Clarification. Really tall, nice plant

unknown seedling. very small...ist year...might end up a mini.

ill try and retype if the storm passes.

Maryb- yes, of course!

Jo-Alex is a beautiful baby. Grats to you and yours!


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blacktulip_wi(z4 WI)

Evening everyone,

I haven't posted for awhile as I've been busy with all kinds of getting-ready-for-winter tasks. I'm in the process of trying to refinance my house (I know, I should have done it earler), find some cheaper house & car insurance and try to reduce the usual monthly bills. My sister had to have her final chemo treatment a week later than scheduled as her white blood-cell count was down, but hopefully the chemo's are over...now we'll have to see what the cat-scan's show. She's put in for full-time disability but hasn't been approved yet.

Jo - Congratulations on becoming a grandmother! Now you will have a future garden helper. I hope your DH is well.

Cindy - Love all of your daylily images though so far, Electric Marmelade Magic is still my favorite. Your seedlings are super cool.

Shirley - Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I want to trade with you - I'll come down and live in NC & you can up here and live in cold, dark arctic WI. PLMK let me know what you think about this swap.

Dawn - I'm very sorry to hear you are still having terrible morning sickness. Are you feeling any better at all?

MaryB - Thanks for sending me the Group emails! It's very odd...I get a few but not all of the emails so I usually am not aware of what's being discussed. Good luck with the Halloween Party.

And Marea - Thank you again with for offering to help with the Tree From Hell. It's nothing but little wood chips now (expensive little wood chips).

Everyone keep warm and have a good night,

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Hi Dawn,
Thought I would come and see if i can close this out so you can do the 9000 thread.

this is 98


    Bookmark   October 28, 2006 at 8:54PM
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Nice to see you posting.

You too. Glad you got the tree from hell taken care of.

you are so sweet to have thought of that wonderful way to help Bambi. hugs

ok, this is 99


    Bookmark   October 28, 2006 at 8:57PM
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there you are Dawn

100 posts.

now, make like the Energizer Bunny and get that 9000 thread going....going.....going
big,BIG grins,
and warm fuzzy hugs,

    Bookmark   October 28, 2006 at 9:02PM
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Oh, Dawn, where are you? I think this makes 101! MaryS

    Bookmark   October 28, 2006 at 9:30PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

Me sittin' and waitin' too :-)

Go Bruins!

    Bookmark   October 28, 2006 at 9:57PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

And who said we did not want to win a prize?


    Bookmark   October 28, 2006 at 10:27PM
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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)


Windy raw weather here, taking down leaves and nearly whole trees! Our weatherman says we get 2 Novembers here this year.

Ah, but it is a VERY satisfying year to be following the OSU Buckeyes season! They did it again today - looks very like a championship year.

Annie, so good to hear from you again. You always write such interesting posts.

Susan - thank you so for the brugs and daylilies - they all look good. We'll have a brug forest if all my cuttings grow this year. I lost many last year - chose a poor medium and let some dry out - so I kept extras this year, and of course, they're all growing! 3 new varieties, tho, and that's always fun.

Cindy - I love your seedlings! That little one is going to be awfully cute!

Shirley - thanks for the photos! What a cute bunch you all are! Dawson is adorable. Don't you wish we could get these kids all together for a playtime? They'd have a blast!

No great news here.

Anybody wants some of my state quarters, besides Debbie, speak up or they'll end up in parking meters!


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Dawn, where are you? hehe

Well, maybe you know, maybe you don't, But the Tigers lost the World Series and the Cardinals won. I'm just glad hubby and I got to go to the only game of the series they won.
Congrats to the Cardinals.

I know no one will read this so I am making it short.

    Bookmark   October 29, 2006 at 7:35AM
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Marea, I won the MONTANA SKY X BRIDEY GREESON seeds. Hurray!

Did you win yours?


    Bookmark   October 29, 2006 at 7:40AM
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Just wondering how many over 100 posts this will accept!

Cindy, just have to say your 2 seedlings are beeeeuuuuutifullll!
I think I will add a picture to make it exciting.

Vanishing Point. It took a couple years for this one to come into its own, but I love it now.


    Bookmark   October 29, 2006 at 7:45AM
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Dawn .... #108

Can you tell that .........


    Bookmark   October 29, 2006 at 8:00AM
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This Halloween pic is for Dawn ...

    Bookmark   October 29, 2006 at 8:04AM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

#110 - oops, I counted wrong last post.

Here is a Halloween pic for all of the cat lovers.


    Bookmark   October 29, 2006 at 8:09AM
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Hey Sharon,
I read 'em. Really cute pics.

WHERE ARE YOU? Hope you aren't sick again. Poor Mamabirrd.


    Bookmark   October 29, 2006 at 8:21AM
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