What is your best bird attracting plant??

ggwrn(7NC)April 20, 2007

I'm always looking for new plants/shrubs/trees that will attract more birds to my yard. What do you have in your yard that the birds absolutely love?? Do you have anything planted that you think attracted a new species to your yard??

The birds loved my red twig dogwood berries this past fall, they were gone in about a week. The goldfinches loved eating seeds from the anise hyssop plants. I have some small viburnums planted, but have not had any berries yet.


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Yep, Dogwoods (native) top my list - especially for Bluebirds. Blueberries too. Spicebush and Serviceberry.
Coneflowers & Downy Sunflower. But most people really overlook the use of grasses. Little Bluestem, Indaian Grass and Prairie Dropseed are favorites of mine.....and the birds!

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Cascara (Rhamnus purshiana)! The birds love it even more than they love serviceberry. It's especially popular with banded-tail pigeons.

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Bayberry is a big favorite as are pagoda dogwoods, serviceberries, shrub dogwoods and most of the viburnums.

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I don't think I have ever seen a cascara plant(tree). I'll have to check that out.
vonyon, do you have any suggestions about where to get bayberry plants??


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Ginger, I always suggest NH Nursery, but I think they are done selling for this year. I have also ordered from Cold Stream Farm in Michigan. They are very very reasonable also for a retail grower. Good luck.

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You might looking into Pyracantha if it can grow in your climate zone. Ours not only produce berries for birds but are also very pretty during the holiday season.

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You didn't mention vines, but I have Virginia Creeper vine(Parthenocissus quinquefolia), and it is beautiful, easy to grow, and non-invasive. The birds love the berries, including our bluebirds.
I would suggest you check it out! Good luck-

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ankraras, I have 2 pyracantha bushes. I'm with you, I think every yard should have one. The mockingbirds and cardinals seem to like them here. I've never had a waxwing eat any of the berries even though I have read that they are supposed to like them. The berries definitely brighten up the winter landscape.
Michele, I certainly will check out the Virginia creeper. I would love to have a vine that the bluebirds like. Would it be suitable for growing on an arbor??


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I vote for the Pyracantha too. Birds flock to them in the fall/winter when the berries are on. The clipped limbs also make really pretty holiday arrangements when they are loaded with berries. I have an orange Pyracantha for Halloween/Thanksgiving, and a red Pyracantha for Christmas time.

PS: They are quite thorny though, if thats okay, which is another reason the birds love to hide in them for protection. And they will get pretty darn big if you don't keep them sheared or clipped.

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I don't believe I've ever seen one with orange berries. That sounds like it would be really pretty.


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ziggy___(z5/6 PA)

Red cedar. Mine don't even produce berries (this year should be the first). They provide excelent shelter from wind and snow and rain and cats. The only draw back is that I'm not always sure who is in there, but they are usually shaking and chirping and full of feathered friends. I have tons of other things providing food, but the shelter of the cedars seems to be the key.


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tnnative(z6 TN)

The goldfinches go crazy for the evening primrose that I've allowed to take over one part of my garden and the purple coneflower that are taking over another part.

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vegangirl(z6 VA)

My best bird attractor is common elderberry, I believe. I see many species eating the berries in late summer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread on attracting birds

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