Cedar Waxwings

gardeningmusicianApril 11, 2012

When I went outside this morning, I heard their high-pitched whistling before I saw them. A few minutes' observation revealed at least twenty cedar waxwings feasting on remaining crabapples and viburnum trilobum berries. While I watched, several waxwings sipped from the birdbath; others were silhouetted high in our maple and birch trees while their friends feasted. When I came home several hours later, the cedar waxwings were gone, and the crabapples and viburnums were plucked almost completely bare of fruit.

We do not regularly have cedar waxwings on our property; it really made my day to "host" these handsome birds this morning.

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I don't know why this showed up a second time. I posted using my Nook reader and must have done sonething incorrectly--sorry about that!

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lisa11310(z5 MI)

Howdy neighbor. I'm North of Muskegon over here on the "West Coast" LOL I Haven't seen any Waxwings yet but i will be watching for them now!

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