The weeds are coming!

willyrok(7)May 2, 2013

Hi, My name is Bill and I have weeds.

2 years ago I moved into a new (to me) home in central NC. While the front yard is fine, the back yard was overrun with weeds, mostly chickweed. By the end of the summer, large areas of the backyard were just covered with thick mats of chickweed, so much that it choked out the grass in those areas. So in the Fall I killed the entire backyard, sprayed it, waited 2 or 3 weeks while it died, then sprayed it again. Then sowed grass and started a new lawn. It looked great, until the following Spring when the weeds came back in force.

The next Fall I killed about 75% of the yard, the rest was mostly grass. But instead of sowing it then, I left it until this Spring and sprayed it again, and again, waiting until April 1st to sow more grass, letting the weeds come up and spraying them periodically. Smart, I thought. After all, I learned it the hard way the year before.

Well, not so much it turns out. The new grass is doing well, and the chickweed is coming on again. And it's not even hot yet. Unchecked it will proliferate as before.

So, the new grass is about a month old and doing quite well, mowed twice already. What can I do or put down to kill or even just slow down the the chickweed, and when can or should it be put down considering the new grass?


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kimpa(z6b PA)

Which chickweed do you have? Is it the fuzzy leaved "mouse ear chickweed" (perennial) or annual chickweed which has smooth leaves?

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The Chickweeds are cool weather annuals that reseed prolifically. The best defense is a thick, tall turf that will shade the soil so the seeds that are there do not germinate and grow. Understand that birds will distribute more seeds as they fly over.

Here is a link that might be useful: About Chickweed

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Beeone(4 N. Wyo.)

Use a broadleaf herbicide. It will take out the chickweed without hurting the grass, giving the grass the advantage to thicken up so you avoid the problem in the future.

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You can spray anyone of the broadleaf plant poisons that are doing great harm to our environment and then spray some more when those "weeds" return because to soil conditions and turf grass growth allow them to, or you can take the time and expend the energy needed to correct the soil problems that allow these "weeds" to grow and out compete your turf grass.
Thomas Berry said, "You cannot have well humans on a sick planet."

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