Weed experts, please help!

eaj2011May 17, 2012

Hi all. I would greatly appreciate help identifying these weeds on my St. Augustine Floratam lawn.

What kind of clover is this with the purple coloring?

What is this weed?

And is this Yellow Sedge?

And this?

Bonus Question: What is this growth on the trunk of my live oak tree? Is it just new branches trying to form in a strange place? or something more sinister? It leaves unsightly nodules when I cut it off.

I've used Scotts Bonus S Weed&Feed twice in the past 3 months, as well as an Image sedge control, but my weeds persist. Any weed kill tips are welcome too.



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The first weed is some kind of Oxalis. The 2nd one is some kind of Tradescantia I think. It grows where lots of water saturates the soil, grows on stilt roots if it has to. Maybe you are watering too much?

So far as using copious amounts of a weed and feed, if they kill your weeds dead, what else will they affect? The tree may be being affected, but maybe not.

St. Augustine grass is cheap, easy to grow and is installed because it makes instant lawn. A very inferior grass for a lawn, it makes a much better vine. Really.

Because of the large areas of lawn with bald spots (St. Aug. grass lawn is mostly blank space), the best advice I have is to feed the lawn and provide good drainage. After awhile, the weeds will retreat. I know it is the practice in FL to constantly obsess after a thick lush lawn, but it comes at a high maintenance cost. When I lived down there, I fed the lawn weakly about every other month, and never used any weed killers. In the cool months, (Nov-Apr) I mowed low, in the hot months, I mowed high. After 2-3 years, people were asking me how it looked so good, because they were doing the weed and feed cycle and still had a lawn with bare spots, weeds, and were spending money they didn't have for lawn services.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Agree #1 is Oxalis, possibly 2 types, some of which are natives. (The one flower doesn't look like what I would expect from those leaves.) That purple coloring looks like a health issue, nutrient deficiency or effects from the chemicals.

#2 if Tradescantia it would make a 3-petaled flower, likely pink or white. Also looks like Commelina communis, which would make a blue flower with 2 petals. Do you remember seeing any flowers on these?

The growths on the tree are just new branches. Unless you want new limbs there, you can cut them as close to the trunk as possible without damaging the bark.

It looks like it may be time to sharpen your mower blades.

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Yes, Commelina. I couldn't think of that, but I suspect it is Asian Dayflower. When I lived in FL, this weed grew in the gutters of some houses, lawns, cracks in the concrete. That and Moses-in-a-boat (Tradescantia species).

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