Tomato Leaves Yellowing with Spots

dlreulJune 17, 2011

I have a bunch of tomato plants that have some problems I can't figure out, and was wondering if anyone can help me decipher the issues, and come up with solutions.

First off, I live in Seattle, and we've had a slow start to our summer, which isn't surprising. I started all the plants indoors with new Burpee Organic seed starting mix, in 4 " cowpots, and potted them up to yogurt containers when their roots were coming through the cowpots, using Edna's Best Organic Potting Soil. A and C are in yogurt containers that had squash starts last year, but were hand cleaned then dish-washed before re-using. While still inside, almost all of the plants lower leaves started yellowing. They were under grow lights most of the time, until they got too tall, and were moved next to the light, which is also at a south facing window - a picture of this setup is included.

Tomato A, B C are out front, still in their yogurt containers, waiting to be transplanted. A and C have yellowing bottom leaves, with dark brown pinhead size spots and are curling in funny ways. Tomato B has yellowing leaves, with one leaf end dried up and dead.

Tomatoes D and E are upside down, hanging nearby A,B and C. D has very dark spots, but E has clear spots with dark rings around them. E had a lot of water dripping on it after I transplanted it two weeks ago, and D had a little, but not much.

Out back my other tomatoes are doing great, except tomato F has tiny buds, about the size of a bunch of round pinheads all bunched together, and they are kind of purplish, and I can't tell if they're supposed to be that small or not. Tomato G also has signs of yellowing lower leaves with spots on them, and are curling under - it's also been two weeks since transplant.

I have been using organic liquid fertilizer every two to three weeks, on all starts and transplants, and gave the transplants about two tablespoons of EB Stone organic vegetable fertilizer during transplant.

We also have indoor/outdoor cats, and I'm wondering if anything may have been carried in on their fur, though they don't rub against the plants (except when one of them climbed onto my lettuce starts to make his way to the catnip I tucked in the middle). The soil in the back has been dug down about 6 inches and replaced with a mixture of our local nurseries garden mix, with some organic soil building compost mixed in, so it's all "clean" soil.

I can't tell if any of these are fungus related, nutrient related or some other thing. I've uploaded the photos to this link below.

The photos are all named as A - G, with various views of the leaves and plants.

I hope I've given enough information to help me out.

Thanks so much!

Here is a link that might be useful: Tomato Disease Photos

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1) the spots at this time look more like some kind of mechanical damage, wind/cold burn/pollution or edema that has likely since passed. If that's what it is there is no need to spray fungicide and there is nothing you can do about it at this point. Only one picture I saw looks much like fungal spots.

2) the plants are in need of phosphorus (purpling). Unless you use something like bat guano tea very few organic sources will be able to get enough P to them quickly. If you use a high P amount liquid "bloom" fertilizer they will not look like that in about 5 days.

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