I want barn owls!

shenandoah_johnApril 20, 2007

I live in the Shenandoah Valley, VA. I'm also growing a bunch of stuff in my garden this year that rodents just love. I have a pole barn (okay, a 30-foot tall hay shed). I want to attract barn owls, as many as possible--I want to get those rodents! Any suggestions? Thanks, John.

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Elly_NJ(NJ z6)

I understand that Barn owls are very amenable to nesting if the habitat is right and if rodenticides are not used. If there are Barn owls in the area, and you provide nest space for them, they should use it.

Are you in appropriate habitat?

Habitat: The Barn Owl's favorite habitat consists of an open low-lying area, preferably below 750-ft. elevation, with an abundant vole population. Although the owl has an extensive range it is uncommon higher in the mountains. Grasslands in areas of milder climates with old buildings or hollow trees for perching and nesting may support large concentrations. The owl also avoids areas with low mean January temperatures, densely forested and intensively cultivated areas.

Here is a link that might be useful: Barn Owl

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I'm a little higher than the valley bowl, but I've got plenty of pasture and rodents so hopefully I should attract a few. Thanks for the info.

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If you are still interested in attracting the owls, I have plans for barn owl nesting boxes. Let me know and I will send them along.

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Would you please share your barn owl nest box plans here in this thread?

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Afraid I still don't have any... If or when I get some, I can post them.

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To: laurazone5 and others; I can scan plans and email direct. Don't know how to post drawings to the board.

email: gduke2dogs@hotmail.com

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