Burdocks a burden

Dmoney(CNY)May 6, 2005

Our yard is peppered with burdocks. They are a real annoyance. I was given a spray to kill them, but there are just so many, that it is very cumbersome. Is there another way to get rid of these pests? They seem to be sprouting everywhere. Some areas we can mow, but others we can't.

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If it's the Arctium lappa burdock, then it's a biennial. Just let it flower, and it'll usually die, never to return (but you need to remove the all of the burrs before they mature). Or you can dig as much of the taproot as possible (but that seems much more "cumbersome" than spraying).

If it's what's considered lesser, or smaller, burdock (Xanthium spp.), then you'll need to hand pull, or use a transplanting spade or a shovel.

If it's the first one, I would think spraying is the easiest way of dispatching the rascals.


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chuckr30(z5, GR-MI)

You could pour boiling water on them but that will kill surrounding vegatation also. But at least you'll be rid of burdock.

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ItsAWeed(z4 NY)

I'm in Watertown (hi neighbor!) and we had to hand pull them up - they are a #*)&*%^)#(%*&^
(to put it nicely) luckily they pulled up easily before spring

Good luck :(

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fatso(z5 OH)

Spot spray them with Weed b gon. It kills them rather easily. They don't look very pretty dying but they will croak, and that will be that. We had a ton of them after first moving in a few years ago, and none now.

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From Del. co. here and boy do we have burdocks, and I'm wanting to kill them. I read a couple of things on here that surprized me, like the tea, but do know that you can eat the stems. An Italian neighbor was going to plant them in her garden and I was shocked, she called it Gardoon, and was looking for seeds, I almost fainted, I was trying to get rid of them. I still am. They grow so big. And if anyone is interested, i have rhubarb in my garden and they look nothing like it. I read one of the articles that gave me an idea, the old car oil, I will try anything at this point. thanks for the hint.

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joepyeweed(5b IL)

I just noticed a huge clump of burdock growing at the nature center last night. It actually kind of looked nice all clumped together.

I asked the manager about it and he said, yes they decided to stop digging it and just let it in fill in there.

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In areas where I kept cutting the burdock (like every one or two weeks) it never set seed and I had less each year. But that's very labor intensive. If there is no seed you could knock off the big leaves with a weed whacker and use them for compost or even as a short-term mulch.

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