My better boy tomatoes aren't growing

Mica2012June 22, 2012

My better boy has approximately 10-12 golf ball size or a little larger, tomatoes on my healthy better boy plant and they have literally stopped growing. Help! I have fertilized, fretted and don't know what else to do. It is in a very large container and some of the leaves have turned yellow, but I pull those off.

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where are the leaves located? if the leaves are at the bottom those could be just old leaves. Are there anything else you have notice about the leaves? Any brown spots? How often do you water your plants? I am using containers to grow mine, And I have found out that container plants need more water and feed than ground plants. The containers leaks out food so you would need to fertilize them and water them more than usual. If you add mulch this could help stabilize the soil and keep it moist longer. Also depending on the size of the container this could prevent tomatoes from growing to the average size of the better boys.

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What do you mean by "they have literally stopped growing."?

Another question, how large is that container?

Since you have "10-12 golf ball size or a little larger, tomatoes" on your plant you're doing something right.

Lower leaves yellowing are part of the aging process of tomato plants.

Can you post some pics?

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