Buying wildflower plugs?

terryr(z5a IL)April 3, 2006

There is going to be a native plant sale up in one the burbs of Chicago. The majority of the plants (wildflowers and grasses) are plugs. Do you just plant the plugs? Or do I pot them up and grow them first? This is new to me, I've never bought plugs before...please help!


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rsmallen(z6 PA)

I think you just plug em in the ground. My designer guy (and my local native store) recommends plugs where I need like 30 of something. I am pretty sure they know I am not about to pot and transplant. So GOOD QUESTION. If somebody tells us both that you pot then transplant I will be rethinking plugs and just planting plants!!


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terryr(z5a IL)

Well Robin, I guess we still don't know the answer. I sent in my order today. Can you ask your designer since we're not getting an answer?



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rsmallen(z6 PA)

Terry, tomorrow I will ask. I have a landscape guy coming tomorrow morning and Sat morning. So I will ask both. Think I will trust the Sat guy more. These are installer guys. One is very experienced with natives...the other seems to like the idea. He works for a company wiht a website ahd home show booths. The other guy owns his own company that has no frills. The designer gave me his name. He also worked for Rodale for a long I think he knows his stuff. Anyway, I will get back to you on plugs on Sat sometime!

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terryr(z5a IL)

Thanks Robin

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rsmallen(z6 PA)

Well Terry, Landscape installer #1 came today. He tells me plugs just go straight in the ground. They are simply little pieces of root material and maybe have a leaf or shoot if they are alittle older. Right into the ground they go! (and in truth, I HAVE planted them before, I just did not know they were plugs and into the ground they went!) He also tells me that Fall is a fine ok time to plant them...since I won't get to mine until Fall.

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terryr(z5a IL)

Sorry Robin! I've been in the yard working since last Sat and forgot about my email reply to this. I guess they'll go straight into the ground then. Last Fri we went to a nursery that specializes in native trees, shrubs and perennials. They aren't selling the perennials yet, so I didn't think to ask him. Thank you so much for asking your guy!


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