What eats pine cones?

Jerri(z7 NW Tex)April 27, 2008

Other than squirrels, are there other wildlife that eat pine cones? We have a seven acre plot that we've filled with Afghan pines and other trees/bushes/grasses/pond. The whole idea is to provide maximum carrying capacity for wildlife. I noticed that after last year's perfect summer we have an abundance of pine cones. I'm just wondering if any critter we have out there eats them.

We don't have squirrels but do have mice and ground squirrels. Many birds, but the dogs at the house mostly keep the deer away. Enough rabbits that I call the place "watership down". I spotted my first cardinal yesterday...attracting cardinals and bluejays was one of my goals. The jays came last year. I hope the cardinal will set up housekeeping there.

We are on the short-grass prairie in far north Texas. I know it's rather large to be considered a garden, but I'm still hoping someone can answer my question.

thank you


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lisa11310(z5 MI)

I guess nobody knows. I know that we got a lot of unusual birds this winter (Michigan) because the pine cones did not produce well in Canada. So I guess birds eat the seeds from them.

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