Normal that GW forums seem now infested with (irrelevant) ads?

roseunhip(z5b QC)April 7, 2006

Or do I need to do something on my computer about this?

It seems to have turned out that way since I installed Windows XP this winter. But I am a patented dummy at those things!

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Rose, I don't know about the ads. I have a few that come across the screen now and again and try to get me to fill out a GW survey. I use Firefox. Someone on here recommended it a year or so ago when GW was sold. I think it blocks some of that stuff. You can download it for free from Mozilla.

I'm glad to see you are still with us! It seems as though many people are not posting anymore. :o(

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terryr(z5a IL)

And remember to download the extensions for firefox also. It blocks scripts. I haven't seen any adds, except for the one to the right. The one I really love is the google toolbar. It has spell check in it! lol...

I'm glad to see another familiar name also!


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roseunhip(z5b QC)

Thanks for the tips and the kind words!

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catherinet(5 IN)

Hi roseunhip,
I had an ad the other day, but it seems to have gone away. Do we still have to pay here?
I need to take a computer class. I couldn't even understand what terry and Vonyon suggested doing! If DH wasn't around to fix this computer when it had problems, my house would get alot cleaner! lol!

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terryr(z5a IL)

Catherine, trust me, I don't know a whole lot about computers either. Enough to know they drive me absolutely crazy sometimes though! Go to this link and download firefox 1.5, then to the right on the screen at the link below, you see extensions, or use the second link, download that. Then download the next link, which is no-script. The next link is the google toolbar. With firefox, you can make whatever you use now as your home page. I use netscape as my homepage...but you can use whatever. Oh and no, there is no more paid subscriptions.

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