bracing for tonight....more supercells

dirtgirl(So. Illinois)April 7, 2006

I can think of nowhere else I'd rather be living than here in my woods....that is, until I hear the BEEEEEEP on the radio or see that dreaded red scroll once again winding its way across the top of the TV screen. Then I am looking out at my yard and realizing that I live in the midst of a thicket of pointy wooden skewers.

We are probably dead smack in the middle of a very bad time come late afternoon and evening, as the weather service is saying that this latest bunch of storms is developing into an extremely dangerous situation, with hail up to four inches and tornadoes a possibility. Our county was just declared a disaster area due to the destruction from the last go-'round from a week ago, and I am aware that we have been dodging a VERY large bullet here in the woods. A neighbor's barn just a mile due north of here was cut cleanly in two and roofs everywhere were peeled back. A two-story barn built back in the 30's was shoved off its foundation to the west of us and yet we only had a lot of smaller branches down.

I am getting my things laid out now--the flashlight, a poncho, a bottle of water, the pet carrier for the cat and leash for the dog.

If I started digging now I might have a hole to cower in by tonight....

good luck to those of us in the storm area, and I'll be thinking of you especially, Cathy, next door in Indiana.

Please be careful eveybody.

And I promise to stay off my bike this time.

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DG: Please be safe and check in with us tomorrow.

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catherinet(5 IN)

I was just thinking about you Dirtgirl,
I guess there's a line of red just east of here, and I think it's missing us. I guess they're having softball sized hail.
Take care of yourself Dirtgirl, and look for cover. Check in with us later, to let us know you're okay.

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I love the weather until it gets dangerous.....rather stick to a good old fashioned lightening storm!

Lay low, and look to hear from you!

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dirtgirl(So. Illinois)

everybody ok?
We had some hail, enough to pile up on the ground, and of course heavy rain and wind, but most of the very worst went to the south of us in Kentucky and Tennessee.

ANd now I see there is a widespread FROST ADVISORY out for tonight!!
Looks like I will be dragging out the garbage bags again to cover things up, although I sometimes luck out with frost since we are in the woods and more protected than other locations....

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catherinet(5 IN)

Glad to hear you're okay Dirtgirl! We just had rain. I can't believe how poor Tennessee has faired through all this. I can't imagine losing everything all at once.
I'm going to cover up my stocktank with a tarp tonight. I have a water lily in that. Fortunately, my lotus are still underground. I'll bring them up tomorrow. Looks like it's going to be a beautful day. Hope it's good in your direction too!
I've noticed that perennials seem to weather a few frosts much better than annuals. I guess it's because they've gotten used to it. I hope all the daffodils do okay.

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Glad you made it...yes, even after hitting almost 80, we're going down to 42 tomorrow night....we had a small tornado north of us...rare on the immediate coast.

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