Weed with long rope like roots (pic's)

ladybutterfly(5 Chgo)May 7, 2007

This weed just started to grow in my garden this year..it in a small area. It started growing right where I planted a new plant last year so it might have came with the plant.

When I first seen it I tried to pull it out and notice...that the roots are long and thick ..like a rope and running to the next plant. ..so instead of there being 2 weeds of the same kind..it is one long roots putting out different top growth in different areas. Hope this makes since.

This one I put some weed killer on it trying to kill it...but with that kind of roots system I just don't know if it will work.

The bottom long part is the roots. I put this in a bucket of water for the last wek till I got to take picuters of it.

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That is one of the dandelions.

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ladybutterfly(5 Chgo)

I have dandelions and this one don't look like my other dandelions and it doesn't grow the same. Dandelions roots grow down in the soil and this plant grows right under the soil line going across and another plant comes out from this root. This plant seem to be able to have lots of other plants coming from the same root system...

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ladybutterfly(5 Chgo)

I found this picture on the internet...this is how these roots are growing.

Dandelions roots grow deep down into the ground. This one is a few inches deep but growing across the soil and a new plant comes up from the same root and it keep going like this adding more plants.

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