can anyone id these weeds for me please? (multiple pics)

dtownjbrown(6a-CintiOH)May 22, 2009

I tilled a narrow 50+ foot area next to the side of my house last summer and was planning on planting a ground cover this spring but wasnt able to get work in the garden as much as I wanted to (Im expecting a baby at the end of June). The area is bare soil that's mostly, if not ALL clay dirt. I have a few tulips & hyacinths planted in that area and the last one just lost its petals about a week ago.

It seems like in no time flat, a whole ARMY of weeds have sprung up all over the place. Ive decided to recruit some of the neighbor pre-teen boys to come over and pull them up for me but wanted some help in determining what they are. There are four different kinds popping up, with #1 being the most predominant and #4 showing up in only three or four places. Any and all help is appreciated. THANKS A MILLION :-)

Unknown Weed #1 (in mass)

Unknown Weed #1 (closeup)

Unknown Weed #2 (in mass)

Unknown Weed #2 (close up)

Unknown Weed #3 (this one has a "ouchy" stem, that feels like tiny thorns)

Unknown Weed #4

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Weed # 2 looks like 'creeping charlie' to me.

Weed # 3 looks like a 'thistle' to me.

Weed # 4 looks like a ground cover ivy type plant that I used to have that got a little purpley-blue flower on it.

If you figure out what kills creeping charlie let me know!

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

#3 is prickly lettuce. An annual. Remove before it flowers and seeds.

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Three down, one to go......I asked for help from a local gardening group and was able to get all but one of my "unknown" weeds identified.

Number #2 has been sucessfully identfied as GARLIC MUSTARD
Number #3 is PRICKLY LETTUCE (thanks jean001)
Number #4 isnt even a weed....its a BLACK LOCUST TREE

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#1 looks like Acalypha rhomboidea.

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#4 Lotcus- pull it now while it's still small!!!!

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