Having trouble identifying these weeds

moali1973May 4, 2009

Hello all,

There is some wild vegetation trying to take over my lawn.

I am uploading the pictures of these weeds in hope that someone would be able to identify these. Also, please let me know how to get rid of these organically as i am strictly against chemical herbicides.



Image link:

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The leaves of one look kind of like the leaves of Creeping Charlie. The others are difficult to identify since many other plants look quite similar. Have you tried asking at your county office of your state universities USDA Cooperative Extension Service?

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Off the top of my head, but the first one looks like Common Chickweed, the second looks like a Geranium or maybe Creeping Buttercup, and the third looks like Mouse Ear Chickweed. Hopefully, I'll get one of them right.

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Lower left looks like mock strawberry. Duchesnea indica. I have some of this myself.

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