Planting Okra

RustyMay 22, 2011

Is it too late to plant okra in Texas zone 9?

Probably 9b, I'm not sure.

None of the zone maps I've seen

Have enough detail as to just where the division is.

But it is already pretty hot & dry here.

They say okra can take heat,

But just how much?

Water isn't a problem,

I would water it with water from the washing machine.



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I just planted okra yesterday as well, so I hope it's not too late! I read that it grows like wildfire - so i'm keeping my fingers crossed for us both!

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My planting chart from TAMU shows you can plant okra through the end of July.

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

It loves the it is NOT too late.

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Thanks for responding!

I think I'll give it a try.

Now I have to decide whether to plant it this week,
Or wait until the 3rd & 4th of June,
the next 'above ground crop' planting days,
according to the Old Farmer's Almanac.


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Xtal(z8b Temple. TX)

While I've finished planting my regular green okra, I'm planting some "Burgundy Red" okra with plans to save the seeds for next year. I hope to use it in some trades next year.


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plantmaven(8b/9a TX)

The few times I have grown it, it did well. My SIL told me to pick it when about 2 1/2 inches and fry it whole. I tried it and it is less work for sure.

BTW if you have not tried those "green" bags for vegetables, they work really well. I have kept romaine up to a month in one. I put veggies in them until I have enough to cook a good batch.


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You can also grill okra and it is YUMMY! You just put it on skewers - I use two skewers, cause it spins around if you only have it on one skewer (it looks like a ladder with 2 skewers). Brush with olive oil (or oil of your choice) and grill 3 minutes on each side over medium coals. It is really yummy! If it is slimy, you have cooked it too long.

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Well, I never did get any planted,
Something called 'life' keeps getting in the way.
Now it is WAY too hot for me to get out there and dig,
It is all I can do to keep the weeds out of few things
I did get planted.
But I see someone else asked basically this same question,
So I'm 'bumping' this to the top.
Hoping that it helps. . .

And to thank everyone that answered.


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It is still not too late. I usually soak my seeds. Okra ae one of the few things that thrive in extreme heat and the flowers are beautiful.

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chena(z8 Texas)

I planted Okra a week or so ago.. The %^*&^ Armadillo's hit so I replanted a few days ago now I have about 100 plants coming up.. NOT to late..LOL


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Okra is a wondrous vegetable that keeps growing throughout the summer and into the late autumn. Don't hesitate to plant it now. Okra is excellent raw, steamed, stewed (in gumbos), fried and included in corn fritters. It is good and good for you. You might enjoy this:

Here is a link that might be useful: In the Charamon Garden

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Okra is great on the grill too. Put on two skewers like a ladder, brush with a bit of oil, and grill over low heat 3 minutes on each side. Watch it though, or it will burn. If it is soft and slimy, you grilled it too long. It is yummy and I though I would never eat okra any way but fried or in tomatoes.

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I think my very favorite way to prepare it is,
just lightly saute it (whole) in some butter.
and sprinkle with a bit of Lemon Pepper.
I often use just a few drops of lemon juice,
and some freshly ground black pepper,
As I need to keep my sodium intake down.

The flavor, when fixed this way,
Reminds me of asparagus,
Which I love done the same way.

But several years ago,
I was fussed at by a cotton farmer's wife,
Because I had okra growing rather late in the season.
She said that because it is related to cotton,
(and therefore subject to Boll Weevils)
It needs to be plowed under the same time cotton is.

So that's one of the reasons I asked that question here.
I was curious about what Texas growers would have to say.
Does anyone here have an opinion on that?


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plantmaven(8b/9a TX)

I thought "Mr. Bo Weevil" had been eradicated.

Now I am curious.

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