okay you vine people...help me get and id on this one...

dirtgirl(So. Illinois)April 26, 2005

You all led me to the right ID with the Chinese yam, now I have aother new arrival that needs a name.

I just found it a few days ago while hand pulling some honeysuckle...here goes:

It's a vine, and it is studded with small almost thorn-like structures that obviously enable it to climb...in fact it feels sticky to the touch. The leaves are coarse on both surfaces, lack any lustre and are serrated at the edges. The leaf structure is exactly that of a sassafeas tree: one palmate, one tri-lobed and one with a "mitten" appearance.

Could this be some kind of grape? It certainly is not the usual variety..I have those everywhere and they are very shiny, waxy leaves, and the vines are more woody in older plants. When I first touched it I could not believe how sticky it was to the feel.

Haven't crushed any parts and had a smell...guess I should do that.

Any ideas?

Only one like it I see out there, and it's a new sprout. MAybe it's a good thing....

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catherinet(5 IN)

Hi dirtgirl,
It's not a hop vine, is it? I started noticing alot of those on our property the past 2 years. They are very spiny and have a very strong, tenacious vine. Sorry, but I couldn't get the link of the pic posted here.

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jillmcm(z6 PA)

You know, it sounds like something I have been thinking about IDing in my yard, only I have a lot of it - therefore I assume it's a bad guy (sad commentary on my area, isn't that?) I'll be watching this with interest!

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catherinet(5 IN)

Hey Dirtgirl,
Can you take a picture of it and post it? Or send it to someone who can post it for you? (Unfortunately, that still wouldn't be me!!)

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