five leaves, thorns, arcing stem (pic)

kathleen_jMay 20, 2006

I hope one of you can identify this weed. I don't remember seeing it in this spot last year.

The plant is shrublike, with long arcing woody stems, about 5 to 6 feet tall. The leaflets are in groups of five, and the "flowers" are little balls of stars.

The stems have thorns which are more noticeable on the younger green stems. Older stems are woody looking.

Any ideas? I would love to know what this is before I decide whether or not to remove it.

Image link:

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Teri Mastroianni

I believe that is a fiveleaf aralia! I have the same woody shrub/tree and went thru numerous books to identify it. (So, that said, there is a small possibility I am wrong.) I stumbled upon this on my small but semi wooded property and fell in love instantly. Last year, I took new, green cuttings and propigated four more with little effort. They seem to be very vigorous, and just this week I took several more cuttings. I don't know the size you have now, but the reference I have used claims they can be pruned for a more upright appearance. I myself prefer the arching effect. The established tree I have is in almost complete shade and does beautifully. If you would like more info, I could copy the pages from my book(Manual of Woody Landscape Plants) and send it to you,. I think they are beautiful!

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Hey Kathleen,

I was just wondering if you could tell me more about where you found this shrub (Acanthopanax sieboldianus ). I also live and work in KY and have just this past week discovered this plant growing in two natural areas (Cumberland Falls and Pine Mountain State Park). Could you tell me more about where you found your shrub? County?

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