Need some ID help please!!

vikireedMay 28, 2009

I got to page 8 on the weeds forum and I think maybe the 3 foot plant pictured (with the purple stalk) might be milkweed even though I haven't seen flowering to confirm.

The other two I can't tell because they're so generic looking. The thorny bush was growing in two places by my house when i bought it and for two seasons I loped and dug it up and it doesn't come back in those places but I noticed it coming up at the base of an old tree and I've never seen a single flower come up on that. Is it possible I'm seeing young blackberry bramble? There was a massive blackberry plant just 30-45 feet away that was so out of control i couldn't see the trunk and the thorny vines were climbing every tree and shrub in it's vicinity.

Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you so much.

Image link:

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Too small picture to see any details.

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