fariefallsMay 26, 2009

Can anyone identify the plants in here and whether or not they're weeds? I recognized poison ivy, but that's about it. Do the taller green plants seem to be Japanese stiltgrass??


Another picture is provided by the link below

Here is a link that might be useful:

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You have jewelweed and one of the goldenrods. Along with poison ivy and at least two other grasses.

Learn to look at plants. That can tell you alot about them. The tall one that you taught was stiltgrass has no segments, the leaves are wrong for a grass and come from a single stem. A grass is generally segmented and has joints. The joints may be less than an inch long or much longer. Go to library and do some research. Most of your plants in the pictures can be found in most books on common weeds. The question is if you like and keep them they are not weeds. If you don't like them they are weeds.

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