Nasty, Seed-Shooting Weed -- What is it?

kayemellMay 1, 2005

My perennial garden has been overrun with a weed I have never seen before. I fear that it came in with some mulch or with a something I recently planted. See pix -- it is the most rapidly spreading monster I have ever seen and when I pull it out, it shoots horrible little seeds straight into my eyes.

I have patiently pulled every one of the evil things out bu he roots (it took about 36 hours) but my beautiful beds are now full of those nasty seeds. I have two questions:

1. What is the name of the weed?

2. What's the best way to get rid of all the seeds that are now in my garden? I am not adverse to chemicals.

Thank you in advance!

Image link:

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aka_peggy(Central Md 6b)

For my eyes, you're gonna have to get a better pic than that. Can you get a close-up?

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gabehart(5a OH)

Looks like hairy bittercress. Don't know the Latin name.
Pull as much as you can and to keep the seeds from spreading too much.
Some have mentioned that a pre-emergant helps. It's a cool weather weed.
Definitely a butt pain.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Is this weed universal? I struggle with it here too. Good news is, I'm rid of it (after years of not letting it go to seed) on all but one side where the neighbor didn't ever weed until about June - the bed on that side is full of the seeds and every time I put a shovel in the ground it's just a matter of weeks before I find more germinating.

It grows through winter here, will even set seed before Spring so I don't dare let up on my weeding....I'm sorry yours got ahead of you and set seed. Best thing you can do now is mulch, cover up those seeds. And try to stay on top of it from now on, keep a diligent eye for those tell tale little white flowers. (common name for it here is shot weed)

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nora_in_vancouver(8b Wet Coast)

Yup, bittercress, aka shotweed. The picture is good enough but then I just spent all day pulling them out. Universal; if you don't have that particular species, there are about 30 other look-a-likes so no-one has to do without. But the roots are not deep and if the soil is damp it is pretty easy to pull up.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cardamine hirsuta - hairy bittercress

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chuckr30(z5, GR-MI)

Yes, we have it here in Michigan too.

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shelbelle(5 West Michigan)

Yep, I think I have more of it than grass in my poor yard. New house, neglected yard... It is just about all I can think about--how to get rid of these weeds. And now that they are shooting seed whenever I walk within 10 feet of them I'm in trouble. What to do? Pull them and then pull them again when the seeds germinate? It will literally take all day to do that!

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I used to do battle with Shotweed every summer, all summer. Until I discovered it is DELICIOUS in salads. Try it, I know you'll like it. Pull with roots, use a scissors to cut the rootball off, rinse, toss in a salad. Yummmmmm!!! It tastes just like watercress (nasturtiumy, peppery)

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Campanula UK Z8

a hoe is your best friend - it is an annual and constant hoeing will get rid of it as long as you do not let it seed around.

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