Crows in the dry summer

tired_of_digging(z10)April 3, 2013

During last summer, I noticed an increased damage in my container garden. After several observations I noticed these are not cats (which the dog would have chased) but crows. (Slightly different than the ravens). More precisely, the hooded crow.
The increase coincides with the time people in the surrounding neighborhoods began using firecrackers with the intention to drive crows and pigeons away.

Later I find that watered containers are more susceptible to damage. I then decided to fill a container with water and place it among the plants. The crows would drink water from the container and the plants were usually left alone. I noticed the water became murky too quickly. Not immediately apparent, but later I noticed that what appeared to be the result of algal growth, was actually food scraps tossed by the crows into the water. They may be smarter than many would think and it is possibly their attempt to raise the water by throwing stuff inside the vase. (I remember I read a story about that, and crows may actually do it!). It was clearly food they carried when last time I noticed there are body parts of birds and rodents inside.

So my question is, did anyone face that problem with carcasses in the water? I thought of using shallower containers but those smaller ones can be easily tipped over by the crows, then they start again dousing for water under my plants. Using a larger container where I can place plants that will feed on the minerals in the murky water is impractical because it is restricted by space. They would normally leave the stones which are scattered nearby, so I guess the practice may be different than I thought.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Where are you? Hooded crow sightings are pretty rare in NAmerica.

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I'm from Israel,

The forum had a low activity for a few days so it took me some time to reply to you.
This is a very common bird here. Recently number is increasing probably thanks to a more abundant supply of food from dump containers.

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eclecticcottage(6b wny)

Actually, I don't think they are trying to raise the water level. Years ago I worked at a pet shop that had a crow (legally). He would dip EVERY piece of food in his water, even wet cat food. I am not sure why, perhaps they are washing it? I think raccoons have been known to do the same. Crows are extremely intelligent-he even spoke a few words. That said, I cannot stand them-they are loud, messy, aggressive and will eat garter snakes which I much prefer in my gardens over crows! They also like shiny objects and will steal them.

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