how 2 tell if critter is rabid

tkctwbd(nc mtn)April 5, 2006

Always heard that nocturnal animals seen during daytime, are rabid. We just saw raccoon eating bird seed (sunflower) on ground, but he ran off when approached. We don't think he is rabid.

Does anyone know how a rabid raccoon acts?


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I once encountered a rabid fox, and the animal did not appear to have any fear of me. It was broad daylight, and he walked out of standing corn.

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Nancy_Ind_is_now_Ill(west central)

Coons have become habituated to humans and many live exclusively in the cities. They are also ornery little opportunists. LOL. He found a ready source of food at your feeder. He ran when he saw you which is normal coon behavior even if he lives under your porch and is used to your scent. Good sign. Being out in daytime isn't that unusual with all the coons I have encountered so I wouldn't worry.

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reba2004(5b MI)

The biggest problem with raccoons is distemper. At least that what my vet here in Central MI tells me. I have four outdoor kennels on 10 mostly wooded acres and at least once a year one of the dogs gets a hold of a raccoon, my vet says there hasn't been a rabid coon in MI in 30+ years, but they are lousy with distemper. A coon sick with distemper will come out in the daytime too and act drunk--stumbling around, dragging a leg or something etc. So I'm forever worried that one of the dogs will get distemper even with being vaccinated but so far 15+ years, it hasn't happened. We don't see alot of daytime coons, but they do come out to the bird feeders in the morning and late in the day so as long as it acted ok I wouldn't be too concerned.

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madtripper(5/6 Guelph)

long ears and fluffy tail

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crankyoldman(z5 NY)

reba2004, how would your dogs get distemper if they were vaccinated? I thought that would prevent it.

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