Gold Finches

ktmusher(5a)April 20, 2010

Anybody still use this? last date i saw was '07. We had a GF who would land on our kitchen windowsill and we would be able to get close enough to capture video with a cell phone. do GF's return to the same nesting area each year?

we have a tube thistle feeder and have a pair already, very exciting!! I'm going to have to try an upside down feeder, it sounds interesting.

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lisa11310(z5 MI)

Im just over here in West Michigan. We have them year round in fact I had a flock of nearly 200 this winter. Are you sure they are not there year round and you just are not recognizing thier winter plumage? I would think you would have pretty much the same birds we have.

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I'm in western WI and they were here on and off all winter, but are here steady now. They eat BOSS. I have thistle seed too, but wait to put it out until the Indigo Buntings come back, in case they would prefer that.

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I live in Northern Illinois and Gold Finches are fairly common around here. In the winter, they will flock around a thistle seed feeder and eat about 1-2 lbs of seed a day. In the summer, they are not so common around the feeder because they have natural sources of food.

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Duvet Covers

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I went out of town for 5 days and when I came back I only saw a few finches now none I am wondering if its due to the very hot weather or what.

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