Can I fight Green Kyllinga weed?

carmiewest(Eastern South Florida)May 24, 2005


I am in South Florida and I noticed that my St. Augustine grass in getting invaded by green kyllinga. It is is still contained in some spots but it keeps appearing in different parts. I found some websites where it mentions that the best way to fight it is to use lots of applications of chemicals. I was hoping to stop using chemicals and I am so sad thinking that I might have to do it.

I was already fighting some other 3 or 4 types of weeds. The neighbor's lawn from across the street is full of dollarweed so I am afraid it is just a matter of time before mine gets invaded as well.

Should I fight it? Can I be successful? Should I hire a professional to do it? When I just noticed the green kyllinga in the back of my house, I was thinking I was going to put a plastic cover to kill the grass and the weed and then put new sod but I see that I have it in the front and sides of the house as well and I cannot do it.



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I too am fighting a couple types of weedy sedges in my yard. I use a "weed wacker" to first scuff-up and damage the leaves, (they're usually too glossy for herbicides to adhere). I then brush on Round-up. If your careful there will be minimal damage to surrounding turf.

I know you were concerned about using chemicals, but Round-up is relatively benign; just follow instructions on the bottle. I would resist using professionals as they tend to use a "scorched-earth" approach; applying chemicals to the entire landscape...

I've included a link to a site concerned with controlling this weed. I apologize if it's one of the internet sources that you've already viewed.

Good luck,


Here is a link that might be useful: Fighting Kyllinga

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