anything wrong with just leaving creeping charlie?

thepaintedlady_gwMay 4, 2013


I live in a fairly crunchy part of the world. Lots of my neighbors have chickens, many of us don't use herbicides because we don't like them.

I have a fair amount of creeping charlie and honestly I don't mind it. I think it's pretty, it has a nice smell, and it doesn't require any work on my part.

I have lots of flower beds and I work hard to keep it (and morning glory and some other nameless vine) out off there. But under my oak leaf hydrangea I'm inclined to let it live. Saving me mulching and weeding.

Is anything wrong with this? Will my hydrangea die because of it?

I also have sedge and verticillium problems. I feel like creeping charlie is low on my list of concerns.

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Hydrangea won't die, but any weeds use up moisture that might be needed by your desired plant. If you don't mulch, some kind of weed will try to grow, and there are worse weeds than Creeping Charlie.

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Creeping Charlie, "Glechoma hederacea" was once sold as a ground cover so it may not be as bad as many think. If you don't mind a polyculture lawn instead of a monoculture lawn, this is one of many "weeds" you can ignore. You should be able to fairly easily keep it under control in any planitng bed as long as you pull the plants out before they get too large since they can develop a very large root.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

I've seen many Hydrangeas with various ground covers. I think it's pretty and wouldn't bother it unless in beds, just like you're doing. Many lawns around this area turn purple in the spring, Glechoma, Lamium, Verbena. Hardly any monoculture lawns - they're so much prettier than just plain grass. Any low, soft creepers are welcome where we mow. We don't use 'cides either, made by those who have decided so many pretty flowers are weeds and that we are failures for not using their products to eradicate them. I don't buy it, figuratively or literally. If something grows that I don't want, I dig, pull, or smother it.

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