Compact abelias?

ker_austinMay 11, 2014

I am in Austin, looking to fill in a front yard that is shaded by an old sycamore. (so dappled shade), south side of the house.

Currently, I think I'd like to find an abelia to plant under the windows, so ideally, I'd like it to stay under 3 feet or so. The tag on Little Richard said it would, but when I google images, some look like they get much larger than that!

Are there any that will stay compact? It seems that rose creek and maybe copper canyon will? Or will they eventually take over?

Any other ideas?


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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

I don't recall ever seeing my rose creek abelias getting over 3 ft but I didn't keep them that long enough. I wanted to try Azaleas out so those abelies got shoveled out.

Sunny Abelia is pretty cool with colorful flowers but you'd have to order one online and have them delivered. I have no idea where you'd find them locally.

âÂÂKaleidoscopeâ is another option that you can find at Home Depot. Pretty neat colorful leaves.

They're pretty easy to care for once established.

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I am a fan of kaleidoscope. I have 1 in ground and 3 in red pots. They are easy and will put out an occasional long shoot but nothing like the big ones....not in the slightest!

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Thank you! I will look into the kaleidoscope also.

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