Pop up weeds in yard, neon green

dosterkMay 21, 2012


Does anybody have any idea what type of weed this is and how I can kill/control it? It pops up in patches and is neon green in the sunlight. I have bermuda grass. Let me know of your thoughts and suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

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Could it be yellow sedge? If you pull on the individual plants, does it come right up?

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They are somewhat easy to pull up, heres a picture:

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Well, it's not sedge, for which you should be glad,but it still looks annoying. I recommend that you take your beautifully clear pictures, including the last one, over to the Name That Plant forum here on GW and let the wizards of botany over there tell you what you've got and how to get rid of it.

Or, if you've got kids, get them to pull up each and every plant, and pay them per bag full. Don't tell them who gave you the idea, though.

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