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MKJune 28, 2013

Hey what gives with my tomato plant? I have deep watered it the last couple days because our weather has been high 90's. but today a couple of my plants looked like the photo...what is causing it do you think?


(Hope the pic posts properly!)

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Really looks like wilt from the heat. The plants should be ok.

I'm in sacramento. Forecast 108 in a few days!!

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It doesnt look like you have any mulch around those plants. In that kind of heat, a 6-8" layer of mulch will help keep the roots cooler and keep your water from evaporating.

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I'd mulch heavily and water. Might consider some shade cloth to help them recover. Any chance the roots have been disturbed by a mole or something?

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I'm having the same problem on the coast! It's hot, but only the low 80's. They seem to recover so far at night, but it looks like tobacco drying! I'm using straw, but maybe I should make a thicker layer. Also, I'm keeping the straw about 6" from the base of the plant to prevent mold. I'm not sure if that gap is a problem or if it's really important.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

After few cloudy and cool days, when we got a warm sunny day, some younger leave on my EG was wilting. The other plans were ok.
Normally I water early in the morning. But during HOT days I water after sun down, to cool off the roots and intake enough water to battle the next day's heat. In such conditions, a good thick layer of mulch can help a great deal, that act like thermal insulation.

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