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jrgrowerMay 30, 2007

This "weed" popped up in my yard a couple of weeks ago. We let it grow because we thought it was some kind of vegetable but I think it's just a weed. Any idea what it is? The stalks have kind of a spiky hair. The mature leaves are 2-3" wide and about 4" long.


Image link:

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Appears to be Amaranth which a lot of folks consider to be a weed. It was one of the food staples of Native Americans/Mexicans. The young leaves can be eaten and the "grain" is said to be more nutritious than wheat, corn, etc. (you'll even see "Amaranth Flakes" for sale in health food stores). I occasionally have small plants growing in my garden and have tried the leaves in salads; not bad... but they get bitter as they grow larger.

Please verify that it is indeed Amaranth before actually consuming it!


Here is a link that might be useful: Food of the Gods

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Thanks for the reply and link. It does appear to be Amaranth from the pictures I saw. I will definitely confirm this before trying it though.


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May be the Redroot Pigweed, Amaranthus retroflexus, yes it is in the same family. Can be toxic to pigs and cattle in large amounts.

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