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terryr(z5a IL)April 11, 2006

Last Fri we went to a nursery that specializes in native trees, shrubs and perennials. They didn't have the perennials out yet, but I got some trees and shrubs. We've been outside working hard getting the privet out. We've got almost all of it out now, maybe a dozen more to go. We came out about 6 ft more (from the front of the privet) and removed all the sod. Then I planted in the back side yard, an Ostrya virginiana. Then along where the privet came out, I've planted, Sambucus, Corylus americana, Ilex verticillata, Hamamelis virginiana, Viburnum dentatum and Viburnum cassinoides. In the front yard, we took out a smallish crimson maple and replaced it with a Catalpa speciosa. In among the plants already in that bed (that winds all the way to the back where the privet was removed and the new plants are), I also planted Lonicera prolifera. We removed a lilac on the other side of the yard, and I bought Carpinus caroliniana for that spot. I still have more sambucus, Cornus racemosa, Lindera benzoin, Aesculus parviflora and 1 more V. dentatum. I've got a really little (grown from seed), Taxodium distichum, where I've yet to decide where a good spot is. I moved a Aesculus pavia from it's temporary spot out back to the front, beside the house. My yard is little, but I really want to pack it all in. I'm so excited and I can see what it will be someday, hopefully not too long! I go to a native plant sale on May 6th to pick up the perennials I ordered. I'm making a prairie type area out back, with just wildflowers and grasses in it.

Here's the privet we've almost got removed

and all the grass from where you see mulch on the bottom part of the photo all the way up to the bed in front, is the grass that's all been removed. There's still a strip of grass left, had to compromise with my husband!

So anyway, I'm really psyched about all that we've done and all that we still have to do, and I wanted to share with you all!


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Terry...that's wonderful! I'm in the process of a huge backyard project, so I know of what you partake. Good luck, and keep giving us some pics to track your progress!

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Wow, Terry! You are ambitious! It sounds like it is going to be gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

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terryr(z5a IL)

Thanks msrpaul. I hope to share pics soon. Just looks like sticks, but hey, you can imagine them all grown up!

vonyon, it just isn't home without lots of plants and flowers. You and I were discussing my privet, lack of birds and ecosystems somewhere, but I can't recall the post! I'll try and snap a photo of the same area (as above) tomorrow. ALL the privet are gone!! We keep having rain, which we need, but it's put a stop to me doing any more planting. I hope to get out this weekend again. If not sooner. I need mulch badly. I go with a friend on Thurs to a local nursery, I'm going to price some mulch from them. Oh well, having to stay inside has got us working on the spare bedroom doing the first skim coat. I'd rather be playing in the dirt, but the room really needs to get done.

OH!! I almost forgot. I've seen mourning doves and a pair of cardinals since I started all this! And the robins are loving my churned up soil.

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Any pics yet?

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terryr(z5a IL)

O.k. now be nice to my little twigs! The first is that same area now. Privets gone! Remember, these plants were just put in and they aren't leafed out much yet! I feel like I need little arrows pointing to some things...lol....my Lindera benzoin (spice bush) truly are little sticks, as are my Ceanothus americanus (new jersey tea). And my 2 Cercis canadensis (redbuds) didn't come back :(
We don't have everything planted yet...need more sod removed...and then I can plant some more!

need to remove sod and tie it all in and plant more!

walking up towards the front where the privets were to the right...(and most of the little sticks are)

need to straighten out the line...removing more sod..

This side needs a couple more plants...my native rhodo (can't remember the name) didn't make it :( And what to do with the grass to the street? It's not mine, so technically I'm not supposed to plant anything there.

and this is I think a weed coming up around peonies (inherited, but very pretty), does anyone know what they are?

My wildflower area is just now starting to wake up, so later on I'll get a picture of it. Right now it looks more like dirt than anything! It truly does look better in person :o)


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looking good! as for the pic, i would go with lily of the valley. hopefullly, someone can either verify or re-identify for you.

busy job!

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Looking good Terry....Let's see what it looks like in a coule of weeks!

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terryr(z5a IL)

From the second picture and more to the right...we're removing the sod now. I'm waiting for my clothes to dry, so I hopped on here while waiting! Good excuse, ey? We worked yesterday removing the sod in front of the first pic, from the bed to the sidewalk. I have just a few things that I could divide, so I did and put them up in there. My back is killing me....my husband's back is killing him...

Fairy, I had somebody else tell me lily of the valley. I never saw them bloom last year...or did I pull them all up before they could bloom? I can see the neighbors house now, and I can see them all over along side the house. If they'd ever come outside, perhaps I could ask! Thanks for the compliment.

msrpaul, I agree, in a few more weeks (or a few years!), things will be leafing out and maybe can be seen better. I also go in about 2 weeks to go pick up the wildflowers I ordered. How's your yard coming along?

Does anyone happen to know if ironweed, joepye weed, butterfly weed, milkweed and something else that is escaping me right now...are they later in coming up? And the 2 redbuds I got last year out of a friends yard appear to be dead. Bummer :(

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loris(Z6 NJ)

Hi Terry,

The butterfly weeds in my yard hasn't come up yet. I don't remember the timeframe from last year, but they seem pretty happy where they are, so I think at least those are ok for you.


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