Eradicating false solomon's seal

dizzytrist(6)May 12, 2010

I have a ton of false solomon's seal growing by my grassy yard and I hate it. I planted some Vinca there to make a nice groundcover for that woods-y part right by my yard, but I'm afraid it's going to be choked out by the false solomon's seal. I know it grows by rhizomes... so I guess pulling them out of the ground will do no good. Should I try to spray them with something? Do I need to uproot my vinca and kill everything in the area (then later replant the vinca)?

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This native plant is listed in many places as endangered and it may be protected, so check with your local office of your state universities Cooperative Extension Service about that.
This woodland plant is spread by both rhizomes and seeds, birds, field mice (voles), and other wild animals eat the berries and drop the seeds all over the place. Spraying with anything to maybe kill it probably won't work since none of the products on the shelf, or available from a Licensed Pesticde Applicator, has been as effective in controlling the target as the ads and the sales people tell you. The single most effective way I have found to control any unwanted "weed" is to dig it up.

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