The Flickers are remodeling my new birdhouse. What gives?

thaugen(5)April 25, 2014

I put up a big birdhouse specifically built for the flickers using dimensions gleaned from various sources. Used 2X12 and 2X10 lumber to provide some insulation, more like a hollow in a tree. Starlings were there a few days (ughh!) and then the flickers evicted them and moved in. Since then I hear a constant pecking inside the box so I think the flickers are remodeling. When I built the box I used the table saw to put a lot of grooves below the hole so the babies could climb up, and when I got the box in place I put in a goodly amount of birch shavings, but now I'm wondering if I didn't put in enough shavings or something else is not to their liking. Any suggestions about doing something to help them?
Thanks, Tom

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Elly_NJ(NJ z6)

I would leave them alone to finish their work. Evidently they didn't read the various sources :) But whatever you did worked, because they are there!

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Assuming they are trying to make more bedding, I'm thinking about shoving some more shavings in through the hole. They can always throw them back out if I'm wrong.

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I went ahead and shoved in more shavings, maybe raising the level by a couple of inches. Still nonstop pecking. So I added another couple of inches. Pecking stopped!

Flicker then sat in the hole looking out for much of the day. Now about ten days later she may be sitting on eggs. Fingers crossed.

So the advice to fill the nest box fully up (with sawdust), as compared to the advice to only put in 4 inches (of wood shavings) seemed to work better in my situation.

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