Sedgehammer - What am I doing Wrong?

NormAtHomeMay 9, 2013

Last year I noticed that my lawn (front and back) was being infested with a weed that I'd never seen before. I took a piece to the local garden center and they identified it as Nutsedge and the only thing they had that specifically was made to kill it was Ortho Nutsedge killer. Over the course of the summer I must have used 15 to 20 bottles of the stuff (it comes premixed in bottles about the size of Windex) and while it seemed like it killed the surface stuff I don't think it killed the nuts because this year it's back even worse than last year.

Having read here many peoples struggles trying to get rid of this pernicious weed, a lot of people seem to be getting good results with Sedgehammer so I ordered some online. The instructions say to "Spray on all affected areas Rainfast within four hours", I waited until it hadn't rained for a day and there was no rain in the forecast for at least two and sprayed it on. Unfortunately there was an unscheduled thunderstorm that possibly washed the sedgehammer away and when I didn't see any change in 10 days I put down another treatment. After another 14 days from the second, I still didn't see any change and put down a third which was a week ago (it was at least a day post rain and three full days before any more rain) and I still don't see any of the nutsedge dying.

Is there possibly something that I'm doing wrong in the way I'm applying the sedgehammer? Any idea's why I'm not seeing any effect?


- Norm

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

To start, that's not nutgrass.

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Ok I give up, that's what the garden center said it was so if it's not nutsedge then what is it since regular Ortho weed killer with grabgrass control doesn't seem to touch it either?

- Norm

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I think that's Johnson Grass but you might want to check on the grasses forum to be sure. The telltale part of grasses is the inflorescence, you will get a much more accurate ID if you can take a pic of the 'flowers'.

Here is a link that might be useful: Johnson Grass inflorescence

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