Huge bird nest! What could it be?

kumquat12(z8b FL)April 7, 2006

In a lower limb of our magnolia tree is a 25" diameter birdnest made of magnolia leaves, mostly, and right in the middle of the bottom We can see straw/hay and moss. Something is pooping on my car, also. We live on a bayou on high ground off a bay, not far from the Gulf of Mexico. We have squirrels galore, but they always nest in the tops of tall trees. We have a lot of mature oaks. Big poops are falling out of the nest. I am thinking sea bird, but wonder what you guys think. We are moving the car tomorrow.

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I don't have a clue what your bird is but you might see if you have a local branch of the Audubon Society listed in your phone book. If not, check your extension agency. They should have names of local birders or wildlife people who can help you. Good luck and let us know what you have.

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