burn oleander?

fireant(z8TX)May 15, 2008

Hi Everyone,

I come here often to get answers on what might work or not in our yard but this is the first time I have ever posted. I just chopped out a large oleander that I'm pretty sure has leaf scorch. I don't have a chipper and there is no dump around here. Could I safely burn a small amount at a time mixed with some cedar? Most of the leaves a brown but the trunks are still green. We live in the country so there are no close neighbors.



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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

Are the fumes from burning Oleanders hazardous? Yes! The fumes from a burning Oleander is still very hazardous. Good thing you asked! EEKK! PJ

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I'd just bag it and put it out with the trash. Not as environmentally good, but much better than burning it (fumes = not good) or composting a diseased plant.

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I agree put it out with the trash. No sense taking chances since the fumes are very toxic.

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We burn ours all the time, but then we have no close neighbours and we are cautious not to inhale any smoke directly.

The big worry is breathing in burning poison ivy...very bad.


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Thanks for everyone's help on this.
I sure wish I had seen your post Kt before we buried the stuff. I don't understand how they keep selling oleander with an untreatable disease spreading everywhere and it being such a pain to get rid of the things once they die.
Thanks again,

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Yikes is right - be very, very careful if you burn it.

If any of you are into true crime books, track one down called Chop Shop. Guy offed his enemies with a drip of oleander in their drinks!

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Michele, where are you located?. We do not have any oleander diease in Rockport, yet. I heard last Sunday on Bob Websters garden show, that if you spray 3% perodixe straight from the bottle, it has excellent results on Oleander leaf scorch. Barbra,

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

I cut some damaged Oleander wood back here and it never developed burn again here in DFW. PJ

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We live about 30 miles north of San Antonio. Our oleander (white one) started dropping leaves last year and then the leaves on whole large branches dried up and turned a grayish brown. I cut back the damaged parts and new leaves would grow but then they would die too. This year most all the plant turned gray brown even the new growth just coming out. From all that I read I figured it was time to replace it. Getting those roots out was no small job. I was thinking the longer I let it stand there sick, more bugs would carry the disease to other plants. We planted glossy abelia in it's place. It is supposed to be a pretty tough plant and I like that it flowers all spring and summer. I'm glad yall's oleanders are healthy but it was just too much for this one.

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Saw one of those crime shows a few weeks back and an older lady got tired of her husband ignoring her and figured if he was going to complain, she was going to give him something to complain about and bought some oleander bushes, chopped up parts of it and brewed some tea. He got very sick but recovered. She did it again and again and I don't recall if he eventually died or if she just got caught but in either case it took a lot more than a single flower. We removed ours on behalf of the dogs. Just lopped it into pieces and bagged it. They would have made a lot of compost and kindling but felt it was better just to bag it.

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I heard a story of some boy scouts dying after they roasted their hot dogs, on the branch from a oleander. I do not know if it is true, but it sure scared me. Barbra,

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