grass in tree bed + weeding a straight line?

rschmittyMay 17, 2009

So, new to gardening.. I've got a row of arborvitae which the normal lawn grass and crab grass has invaded the bed.

The previous owner has a metal barrier (which is now overgrown by the grass) that surrounds the tree bed. I'm trying to re-establish this line (shown in red)

My other concern is the root system of the trees. I started weeding with a small tool and felt like I was just breaking tree roots. I've searched this weed forum and for the most part people say the weed killer will break down in the soil and not harm the tree, but my concern is how shallow these roots are. Is this dept of roots normal? Still all clear to use a spray to kill?

Question 2: Any tips of weeding in a straight line so I keep my lawn and kill only the grass in the bed

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Here is a link that might be useful:

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I have yet to see any kind of barrier that works really well to keep grass out of a planting bed because the grass will often simply grow over that barrier if it is not, periodically, raised to prevent that. Work on cleaning the edging around that bed and cover the grass, crabgrass included, with newspaper and cover the newspaper with a good mulch (to hide the paper and help hold it in place) and don't worry about any poison to control that grass.

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You need to remove the metal edging. Kimmsr is correct, there is no effective barrier. Any form or artificial edging will just give you a false sense of security.

you then need to cut in a deep v shaped trench along the line in your photo. Hand weed out the grass in the tree bed.

Religiously maintain your cut edge to the lawn. Trim it once a week without fail, preferably with sharp long handled lawn edging shears.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bahco Lawn Edge Shears

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A trench canbe an effective barrier to grass growing into a flower bed, if your soil allows that barrier to exist. Sand does not and will simply flow back into the trench about as fast as you cut it. In clay soils it can work and can be very effective, but like mulches some people do not like the look.

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