Nesting Wren Accidentally Watered!

bozmom(8)May 5, 2013

We were away on vacation and when we returned, I went on back porch to water my potted plant (Gardenia). As soon as I poured the water, a Carolina Wren flew out of the nest. There are no eggs in the nest, but I feel awful! It's been a week and she hasn't been back. Does anyone know what she will do? I had a Wren build a nest in the same potted plant last year and I enjoyed watching them very much! I have no cats and hope she will build a nest there again, but I'm very worried about where she will lay her eggs this year since I seem to have scared her off?

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Elly_NJ(NJ z6)

: (

Maybe she will nest elsewhere and come back another time?

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sorry- she most likely was scared off. I think they're very cautious birds to begin with so she may be too terrified to return. They're very vocal at this time of year; if she's still around you would've heard her by now. I would leave the nest just in case she or a house wren shows up....

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