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ht35May 3, 2010

I used the last of my MSMA last year and I have been looking for some more. Finally found some at a small "mom and pop" nursery. What was interesting was finding out that Calloway's, where I had purchased it before, no longer sells it.

I began to search the internet looking for some (this is how I found the nursery listed above) and discovered that MSMA is stragely unavailable in most places. It made me wonder if there is a process underway to ban the use of MSMA by the homeowner. Has anyone found it difficult to find MSMA recently and does any one know if it is going to end up on the banned or controlled list, if it hasn't already?

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The Pesticide Action Network lists this as a known human carcinogen and a couple of sites list this as a Restricted Use Herbicide which means you need to be a Licensed Pesticide Operator to legally purchase it and apply it.

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