Natural groundcover weed

californianMay 9, 2005

I have some weed that looks like something people would actually spend money to buy growing all over my property as a ground cover. It is very low growing and prostrate, maybe two or three inches, has tiny shiny spade shaped leaves that grow in rosettes, and makes miniature four petaled square shaped salmon colored flowers, and the stems look like niniature vines. It can be mowed and from a distance looks pretty good so I let it grow and in fact encourage it. The only problem is it makes these little pea sized sticker ball seeds that get stuck in clothing and my cats hair. It can grow in sun or shade, but dries up in the sun eventually if not watered, but can go for a long time in the shade without water. From the description can anyone tell what it is?

I have another weed that is almost the same size but instead of salmon colored flowers it makes green flowers that sort of look like granules like clover flowers do. It makes thousands of seeds, if fact if I mow it the mower bag is full of the seeds. Any idea what that one is?

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Mistake, the little sticker balls are coming from some weed that grows on threadlike vines with tiny yellow flowers, not fron the ones with slightly thicker vines with salmon colored flowers. So I actually have three different knds of groundcovers that grow on very thin vinelike stems.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

This is likely one of them, maybe you can ID the others from this site too...

Here is a link that might be useful: burrs

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MorZ8, thanks for the link. I went through all the weeds and think two of mine are California Burclover and Scarlet Pimpernel, also known as poormans weather glass as it can be used to predict rain by whether the flowers are open or closed. I still have one other that may be chickweed but the pictures don't show a plant that has gone to seed. BTW, one Scarlet Pimpernel plant can produce 12,000 seeds. Whatever this weed is I think it will completely take over my lawn soon, but I don't mind as I think it is better than grass as its prettier and I don't have to mow it or even water it.

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Californian, I was going to suggest it might be scarlet pimpernel, as my mom has some growing in her yard this year, and she loves the look of it, as well. When you said it was 4-petalled, it threw me off the scent, though. :D

Enjoy that beauty!


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