invasion of weeds

maizieMay 9, 2007

The back part of my property has been taken over by a weed I cannot identify. It is multi-stemmed, about 12 inches tall, small serated leaves, small purple flowers that when they die off there is a long spike, when this dries it turns to a barbed corkscrew that twist into everything!!!

I think the only way to get rid of it is to disc the whole back and start over. We have new neighbors that don't beleive in weeding, so this could be an on going thing.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

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I need a picture to identify but from the flower discription sounds like a cranesbill.

Most plants are very hardy and the seeds of many will sprout for years. If you get your disc out everytime you have a plant you do not recognize you might as well leave it concected to your tractor. Bare ground is not liked by nature. Ask your neighbors to tell you what they have that you think "they don't believe in weeding." You might be surprised that they are preventing run off to your land by a vegetative strip or have planted a butterfly habitat.

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